I have my own personal resolutions for the New Year, that I may or may not share on here.  But I have some Blog Resolutions for 2011.  So here they are:

*To post more often. But to not feel guilty when I don’t.

*To share recipes.  I have started cooking more, and been branching out to Asian foods.  I’ve made a couple of delicious curry dishes lately.  So I want to start sharing more and gathering more recipes.  So feel free to share your favorites!

*To take and post more pictures.  I live in an unbelievably beautiful city.  I mean, it is stunningly beautiful.  I should show off a little more.

*To talk more about books.  I read.  A lot.  But I don’t always talk about what I’m reading.  So I am going to start posting about the books I read.  I have a goal this year to read 26 books.  That may seem like a random number, but it is 5 more books that last year, so I figure it is a good, achievable goal to work towards.  I am on Goodreads,  and they have this new thing on their site called Goal Setter, where you can type in the number of books you want to read, and every time you finish a new book, it tells you how far you are towards your goal.  I like seeing progress.  I am 15% closer to this year’s goal, having completed 4 books already this year.  Though, to be fair, one of them was The World According to Mister Rogers – so that was a pretty easy read!

So, there are my 2011 Blog Resolutions.  Help me hold to them!