To the Good Samaritan Tom

To the Good Samaritan Tom who was walking around tonight in the snow with his dog Billy, thank you.

Thank you for walking around with a snow shovel.  What a useful little tool.

Thank you for pushing the truck that was in front of us on that big hill safely off to the side.  He was a little scary.

Thank for then walking up to our car, and asking if we needed help.  We did.

Thank you for using your most awesome snow shovel to scrape the ice off around the tires so we could slide a little less hazardously over to the side. It was a little scary.

Thank you for helping to direct us safely into a parking spot. At least we were off the sidewalk.

Thank you for letting me pet Billy, the dog who is afraid of people in hats.  Which is unfortunate when it is snowing, because everyone is wearing hats.

But mostly, thank you for helping to keep us safe.  Your rock, Good Samaritan Tom.  You and your dog Billy.


Fall in the Pacific Northwest

Along with all the incredible, burning colors, the smells of hot cocco and fireplaces in use for the first time this season, Fall brings to Seattle visitors!  Here are a few pictures of my joyous Fall thus far!

Back in October, Kris and I drove down to Portland one day.  My aunt and uncle had flown out for the week to visit their daughter, my cousin Jamie.  I sadly didn’t get any pictures of us together.  Kris and I had a great time walking around downtown Portland.  We found an incredible bookstore that was 5 stories high and took up two city blocks.  So awesome.  It was great to see family out here.

Jamie had a break from Seminary and came up to spend it in Seattle.  I got to spend an evening with her and Will.  It was SO good to catch up with good friends!!  Jamie was our wedding photographer, and was in my mission class.   Always love spending time with her.  That makes two YAMs who have come to visit Seattle.  Only 12 more to go! 🙂

One day while I was at work, Kris got this great shot of the Olympic Mountains, overlooking the Ballard neighborhood.  The Fall in the Pacific Northwest can bring some incredibly beautiful, clear days!


A shot of downtown Seattle, with Mt. Rainier in the background.  Every time the mountains are out, it never ceases to catch me off guard.  I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful city!!

Kris and I took a walk around the Queen Anne neighborhood one unusually warm day.  The colors were so beautiful!

My unexpected joy this month was getting to see my beautiful cousin Mary Grace.  She and her husband Andrew had been up North visiting his brother, and were flying out of Seattle.  I got to have dinner with them and their incredibly precious 6 month old Owen.   Back at the hotel, I got to see his latest accomplishment – crawling!  I haven’t seen Mary Grace or Andrew since last Christmas, and this was a great surprise!!


In a couple of weeks, good friends from Kentucky, Nate and Stacy, are coming for a long weekend.  Then my mom and dad are coming out for Thanksgiving!  Fall has been a fun time so far, and I expect it to only get better!

So there is this thing…

I am sure that you all have a thing.  An object.  A something or other.  That if you had, would make your home/office/car/life more easy/happy/complete.  You know that this thing exists.  Maybe you have seen one before.  Maybe you know someone who possesses such a thing.  But you don’t.  You search high and low for this thing, but you just can’t find one.  Know the feeling that I am talking about?

My thing? There is one thing that I crave that is so simple, yet so incredibly frustrating to find.  And you will probably laugh at me, but seriously – I cannot, for the life of me, find a clear, glass butter dish with a handle.  Can. Not.  I have been to every kitchen store within a 20 mile radius to no avail.  It has become a goal, a competition almost, between my husband and I:  Who can find a clear, glass butter dish with a handle first.  We find every combination of the object but the one I want.

It is totally silly, I know.  But in a way, it is a relief to be able to put my efforts into searching for something tangible.  In my line of work, there are a lot of things that I yearn for daily.  There are things that I desire so deeply for the women I work with.  There are things that I wish I could give them, teach them, take from them, fix for them.  But I can’t.  And I know this.  But it doesn’t take the desire away.  I am always searching for the best way to give them what they need most.  And I know that one of the deepest desires of the women I serve is not for any one particular thing, but for acceptance.   Something so intangible.  Yet so simple.  I can give them my acceptance, but it isn’t enough. I want to give them the acceptance of our community, our city, our country.  But as hard as I search, as hard as I try, that is just something I cannot do alone.

So I think that is one reason why I have become obsessive over finding this butter dish, as silly as it may seem.  It is something tangible that I know exists.  It is something I can eventually find.  Unlike the goal of finding full acceptance, something that I know I can strive for every day, with my full heart and efforts, and yet still not fully achieve.

I don’t know what I’ll do when I one day find that clear, glass butter dish with a handle.  I think that there will be a moment of joy, a sense of mission-completed.  But I know that there will also probably be a sense of sorrow, knowing that my mission will never really be complete.

So tell me, silly or serious, what is your thing?