Quote of the Day

Three of the ladies from Mary’s Place were helping out after closing today, washing dishes in the kitchen.  Three good friends working hard, scrubbing and cleaning.  One washed.  One dried.  And the third lady?  Well, she was keeping beat on an old cookie tin.  They took the idea of “Whistle while you work,” and did one better.  They were filling the room with beautiful spirituals.  Deep, soulful songs.  Their voices resonated off the walls and into the community room.  I wandered in to the kitchen to see quite a scene.  Two ladies working hard at the sink, while the other lady was working hard on keeping beat on that tin.

It was actually a pretty moving thing to watch.  Three women keeping themselves both entertained and uplifted while working.

And as I left to go back to lining chairs, I heard the dishwasher say, “Okay, enough with keeping beat Emily.  Now come dry some dishes!”


Home Sweet Home

It has been a long road baby, but we’re finally home.

Mary’s Place has had quite the struggle in our search for a new home.  It has been an uphill battle to secure a home for the day center.  We have been championed by many, many amazingly incredible people and organizations.  For all the heartache and severe frustrations, there have been more moments of awe, more miracles than we can count, and more blessings than we imagined.  I am proud to say that out of the tears, out of the abandonment, out of the heartache, we have emerged stronger, more passionate, and more surrounded by incredible community.  At last, Marys’ Place has a home.   Two, in fact.

In 2012 Mary’s Place will be moving into the Hope Center, a project of Gethsemane Lutheran Church that is about to break ground.  The Center will house Mary’s Place/Church of Mary Magdalene, Gethsemane Community Services, Soup and Movies (a great Saturday program that offers just what their name suggests – along with a safe place to be during the day), and more affordable housing through Compass Housing Alliance.  It will be an incredible building that will offer so many levels of service to the homeless and low-income community.  We will have a long-term lease at the Hope Center, and the space is being built to cater to the needs of our day center. It is nothing short of a miracle to be welcomed into this building.

While we are waiting for this wonderful place to be built, we still had to find another temporary home.  Enter “The Miracle on Bell St.”  Through the hard and diligent work of tireless advocates, we have moved into a wonderful space in the downtown Belltown district.  This puts us back in the bus ride-free zone, closer to other service centers, and in a space all our own.  We have been welcomed in by the Belltown community, for which we are so thankful.  We have seen our supporters continue to stand beside us, and have made so many new friends in the process.  We could not be more excited to be in our new home.

It has been a long journey.  But we are finally home.

My favorite things about today

– Walking down the street and having a random man say to me, “Why hello.  You so preeeeeetty.  And healllllllthy.  Wanna talk to me?”  For some reason, it both made me laugh and kinda made my day.

-Getting to work on the new building – priming and painting!  Moving day is September 14th – gotta get ready!

-My husband making me a home cooked dinner with my favorite – mac n’ cheese!

-Watching a beautiful sunset from the park by our house

taken by Kris