Good News

How appropriate is it that the Advent word for today is good news?

Today is also Drew McLean’s birthday. Drew is a young man that I grew up with, even though he was a few years younger than me. His family was very much a part of my church upbringing. His mother was my Sunday school teacher, he and he brother were in youth group and choir with my sister and I. He was one of those kids you just always knew. But sadly, Drew passed away last summer. Yet his name and his legacy live on. Since his passing, a movement has started called Live Like Drew. It’s a way to call to life the memory of a great guy by living a life full of kindness, warmth and love – all things Drew exemplified.

Today, on his birthday, his family, friends and people he never even met have been acting out random acts of kindness in his name. An incredible tribute to a man whose love for God was so deep and so filling, it naturally overflowed to all those he met through small and generous actions and words.

One of my clients today shared her random act of kindness. Stepping outside for a quick smoke this morning, she saw an 84 year old man almost get hit by a bus. She and two other women rushed to his side, and realized he was blind. Then helped him across the street. While the other women left, she stayed out in the snow and listened the man shared about how his wife was in the hospital, and he was just here visiting her, which is why he was struggling to find his way around. They chatted for a few more minutes before she came back inside. With tears in her eyes she told me about how she almost passed him by, but was so glad she stopped to help. Her small act of kindness to that man was good news to them both. I then shared with her the idea of Live Like Drew, and told her I thought this was exactly what Drew would have done.

May our good news today be that we seek in every moment and situation a way to Live Like Drew: sharing love and kindness out of an overflow from our hearts.



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