You want to talk about being strong? Let me introduce you to some of the strongest women I know.

The mom with the 4 year old girl with special needs and her 2 week (yes 2 week) old baby brother. Mom comes in every morning with a smile on her face, despite the fact that they have been homeless for the last year. She dotes on her children and never yells or vents her frustrations. STRONG

Then there is the mother who chose to leave her alcoholic husband, even though he cut off her child support. Because, she says, raising a child with no money is better than raising a child with a bad father. Every day she continues to put one foot in front of the other, increasing her job skills and hoping that her home will be ready for her soon. STRONG

And the mom who spoke out. Who let people know that homelessness has many faces, and at any time, it could be the one looking at you in the mirror. College educated, long work history, faithful husband, three incredible kids. Two layoffs in less than a year led to eviction. Now this mom vows not to keep silent to save face. She speaks out loud and often to let her community know there is a tragedy in this city, and it’s being overlooked. STRONG

These women, and the hundreds before them and the hundreds after them possess a strength that is unwavering. In the face of uncertainty and adversity, they hold their heads high, lift their babies on their hips, and keep moving forward. I cannot think of anything else stronger.



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