We’ve been getting our house ready for Christmas all week. We went and picked out a tree. We dug out the decorations and hung the stocking by the chimney with care. But something was missing.

This morning I realized we had not yet put out the nativity. How could I miss that? I braved the freezing cold garage to find the set. The wisemen are missing. Off on some extravagant journey I’m sure. But the lowly animals and the holy family were ready. And there they sit, on my grandparent’s record player, reminding me that there is more to be done.

Whatever else I think I need to do to be ready for Christmas; baking cookies, going to parties and packing to fly to warmer weather (ahem, I mean, go see family!), pales in comparison to what I really need to do. To quiet my heart and head. To clear space amongst the busyness of the season to celebrate the birth of hope. Then I will be ready.

Oh, and find those darn wisemen!



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