Today the husband and I went to a tree farm to kick off our holiday season. The day could not have been more beautiful. Clear blue everywhere you looked. The air was way more than nippy, but we we were excited, so the frozen toes were worth it.

We decided to take the truck today. You know, the truck that made me the Wife of the Year when I told my husband he could buy it. A 1967 Ford that runs so loud you can’t really talk while driving. But my husband loves that truck, and I could tell how happy it made him to be together for the day, riding along in the sun, off to get out Christmas tree. And to be fair, it is a really cool truck.

I digress. So we pull up at the tree farm, hop out of the truck and are overwhelmed with that wonderful Christmas tree smell. We walked around in sunshine and finally picked out the perfect tree. Right before Kris started to saw our little slice of holiday cheer I had a “moment.” It was a day of perfection: loving husband, beautiful weather, the intoxicating smell of pine. I can’t describe it as anything more than peace.



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