We were challenged in church today to join in an Advent practice called Rethink Christmas. It is a photo-a-day challenge to capture different aspects of Advent. Pastor Kathleen challenged us to take home these cards and find and share through picture or word.

So I accept this challenge. I will be using my blog each day to capture these themes. Will you join me? Could be fun!

Day One: GO


I keep singing the song in my head, “Go make a difference, we can make a difference. Go make a difference in the world.”

The kids in church today had a little skit. Super hero UMCOR girl was there to tell us how to help others around the world by making emergency kits. I just loved how excited the kids got about sharing how we can help. And I thought, “even if we can’t go to where the disasters are physically, our presence and spirit and prayers can certainly go anywhere they are needed!

It’s what I love about being a part of the connectional church, the global UMC. We have the ability to go and be with those in their greatest time of need. For our sisters and brothers in the Philippines, UMCOR was able to go on our behalf, with our support. When someone in our community is hurting, we are called to go be with them. From global to local, I’m glad my feet are called to GO.


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