So, on Facebook, I announced that I was super excited to share in a surprise with a certain someone.  I wanted to wait till that certain someone actually received their surprise before I posted pictures!  And now that she has, I can share…..

WHO! WHO!  It’s a Birthday surprise for Heather T.!  My dear friend has a new found love of owls.  I have a new found love of cakeballs!  It was a match made in heaven.

(recipe from the oh so fabulous Bakerella!)

First, you gather all of your supplies, including the fabulous Cake Pops book (which I received for Christmas from my fabulous husband!)….

Then, you make a batch of cake balls.  Any cake mix will do.  I used Trader Joe’s Madagascar Vanilla Bean.  Bake the cake, crumble it, and then get your hands dirty!  Mix a can of icing with the cake crumbles, and shape into oblong balls.  Like so:

Then, add lollipop sticks to the bottom, thus evolving these little fellas from cake balls, to cake pops!  Adhere chocolate chips for ears with candy mold.  Then dip the whole body in the candy mold.  Place in a styrofoam block to set.  Like so:

After they have dried, you add little bitty feet!  The book called for little pink stars, but I thought the hearts made for super cute feet, and the rest of the sprinkles will certainly be used later this month!!  See, cute feet:

Then, you attach their little wings  (shhhh, it is really M&Ms).  Just let it be known, I bought one of those mega bags of M&Ms, just for the brown ones to make wings.  This was the grand total brown M&Ms in the whole bag!  And no!  I didn’t eat any!  I only ate the blues, greens, reds and yellows!  But, I found the orange works just fine for wings!  Be sure to use a lot of candy mold, M&Ms are heavy!!

And what makes a owl so cute?  Why, their candy bracelet eyes of course!  The book called for white, but again, I search through many a candy necklace, and didn’t find any white candy pieces!  But my friend Anna assured me that yellow was more authentic anyway, especially if they were British Long-Ear Owls.  Which I guess they are!

Then, add a tiny orange sprinkle for the nose and tada!  You are done!

*side note:  Can I just say that I LOVE my little neighborhood?  There is a store called Cookies that has a whole wall of specialty sprinkles!  So my owl noses?  Really tiny little carrots!

They are ready to be bagged and shipped!

Happy Birthday Heather!!!!


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