To the Good Samaritan Tom

To the Good Samaritan Tom who was walking around tonight in the snow with his dog Billy, thank you.

Thank you for walking around with a snow shovel.  What a useful little tool.

Thank you for pushing the truck that was in front of us on that big hill safely off to the side.  He was a little scary.

Thank for then walking up to our car, and asking if we needed help.  We did.

Thank you for using your most awesome snow shovel to scrape the ice off around the tires so we could slide a little less hazardously over to the side. It was a little scary.

Thank you for helping to direct us safely into a parking spot. At least we were off the sidewalk.

Thank you for letting me pet Billy, the dog who is afraid of people in hats.  Which is unfortunate when it is snowing, because everyone is wearing hats.

But mostly, thank you for helping to keep us safe.  Your rock, Good Samaritan Tom.  You and your dog Billy.


One thought on “To the Good Samaritan Tom

  1. That is awesome! Don’t you just love when you get to have one of those heart warming experiences that renews your faith in mankind? I do. Miss you Liz!

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