Quote of the Day

Three of the ladies from Mary’s Place were helping out after closing today, washing dishes in the kitchen.  Three good friends working hard, scrubbing and cleaning.  One washed.  One dried.  And the third lady?  Well, she was keeping beat on an old cookie tin.  They took the idea of “Whistle while you work,” and did one better.  They were filling the room with beautiful spirituals.  Deep, soulful songs.  Their voices resonated off the walls and into the community room.  I wandered in to the kitchen to see quite a scene.  Two ladies working hard at the sink, while the other lady was working hard on keeping beat on that tin.

It was actually a pretty moving thing to watch.  Three women keeping themselves both entertained and uplifted while working.

And as I left to go back to lining chairs, I heard the dishwasher say, “Okay, enough with keeping beat Emily.  Now come dry some dishes!”


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