Blogging without apologies

No apologies for the lack in blogging.  No excuses.  Just an update of sorts:

  • I love Seattle.  I love the Pacific Northwest.  I feel this is home for a long time to come.  That being said, there are things I miss about the South.  Specifically, people.  I miss the people from home.  I hate missing out on birthdays and celebrations.  I hate missing on my godson growing up (so fast!).  It is hard being so far from the people I love.
  • For those who haven’t heard, my sister is having a baby!  She was actually pregnant at my wedding (though only a few weeks) making two of five people in my wedding party pregnant at my wedding.  Actually, come to think of it, the only two people that it was possible, were pregnant.  haha   Anyway, everyone in my family is very excited (obviously).  She finds out October 1st if it is a boy or a girl.  Scott (her husband) has known all along its an Alabama fan.   She is due at the end of Feb./beginning of March.
  • And we all know now that Stephanie is having a little girl!  Sweet Emmy.  I cannot wait to meet the latest edition to the Gates family!  I know that she will be as beautiful and wonderful as her two older brothers.   She will have the one thing that I wished for most growing up: an older brother.   How lucky is she? 🙂
  • There are two other pending babies in my family.  My cousin Kate and her husband Derek in Arkansas are expecting their third child.  And my cousin Ben and his wife Kara in Baltimore are expecting their first!
  • See all the exciting, wonderful things I am missing back home?
  • Mary’s Place is preparing for our big move!  We will be moving into a new home, a 2 year temporary location while our permanent home is being built.  We plan to move mid-September.  It is all very exciting, overwhelming, and  exhausting.  But a great comfort to know that we have a home!  If you followed the drama of last year, you know that this is a HUGE blessing!
  • One new aspect of the new building is a family room!  It will be a place that I can work with families one on one, without being out in the middle of all the regular chaos (like we do now).  It will have a play corner for kids, a phone line dedicated to the moms, and place where I can keep all the necessary resources and applications in one convenient location!!    I cannot wait!

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