We Have….

We Have…..

….A New House.  It is perfect.  Super cute, with a perfect yard for all the pups.  In a great neighborhood, with a great view of the Olympic Mountains.

…..A New Couch.  Go go in The New House.  Kris made a great find at Goodwill – $40 for a practically brand-new Ikea couch, in the exact color and style we wanted.  Score.

…..A Marriage License.  Thank you State of Florida.

…..A New Bed.  Again, to go in The New House.  To be delivered this afternoon.  Double score.

…..A Tentative Travel Route from Atlanta to Seattle.  Yes, we will be spending our honeymoon in the car with our three pups driving across the country!  Pictures, blogs and possibly video to follow.

…..Wedding Bands.  They are simple, perfect and were 55% off!

…..A Lot of Packing to Do.

We Have…..12 days to Our Wedding!!!



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