A new countdown

Um, I’m getting married.  IN 95 DAYS!!  Holy Crap.  Holy. Crap.

Can you sense my excitement? 🙂

So, the wedding planning has taken many twists and turns over the past few months.  While we had originally planned to get married in North Carolina, we had to make some changes.  Though the venue was beautiful and exactly what I had imagined for my wedding,  the logistics just weren’t working out.  So after much debate and prayer, Kris and I decided that the wedding was more important than the venue.  And in order to have the wedding of our dreams, we had to pass on the venue of our dreams.

But don’t feel bad for us.  Because it is still going to be awesome.  We were blessed by a friend of the family offering their beautiful home for the celebration, and other friends have just come right along and offered help in other areas.  This is going to be the wedding of my dreams.  And not to be too cheesy, I’m marrying the man of my dreams – so really, what more do I need than that?

So, in 95 days, in the throws of a Florida summer, I will be walking down a make-shift isle, surrounded by those I love most, and marrying the man I love.  How lucky am I?

Um, 95 freakin’ days y’all!!

One thought on “A new countdown

  1. That’s great! I don’t think I’ll be able to make. With Jeff gone to England, I don’t think I could do that trip by myself with both kids and I don’t have any time to take off for the travel. I’m so sorry but I’m sure it will be beautiful! I’m looking forward to the pictures! Blessings on your marriage

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