Happy Thanksgiving

I’m thankful for:

  • my cute rain boots;
  • that my brother has been here with me all week;
  • getting to see Alice, even if just for a night;
  • Skype;
  • that this is the last holiday Kris and I have to spend apart!;
  • only paying $4.26 for a 15 pound turkey;
  • pumpkin pancakes;
  • strong coffee;
  • getting to talk to my family;
  • a community of wonderful YAMs who share in my frustrations and my joys and who can always make me laugh;
  • a day off from work;
  • a place to spend Thanksgiving dinner – with new friends and lots of food!;
  • for my wonderful, ridiculously cute godson Silas (AND his awesome big brother Asher);
  • getting to see friends in California in two weeks!;
  • that my family and fiance both believe in Christmas AFTER Thanksgiving;
  • for my wonderful co-workers;
  • for the ladies at Mary’s Place who continue to inspire me everyday;
  • Thanksgiving Day football!!;
  • funky scarves;
  • that I get to marry the most amazing man in 7 months!;
  • Seattle – I love this city – even when it is cold and rainy,
  • friends who I don’t get to see often, but who love and support me always (Stephanie, Valerie, Leslie, Jan, Stacy, Nathan);
  • having a car for the weekend! (thanks Marty!);
  • blogs – I love the way it keeps us connected and informed;
  • my education;
  • seeing beauty in brokenness and grace in pain;
  • Ingrid Michaelson – her music makes me smile;
  • babies – everyone is having a baby these days, and I am thankful for my friends who have healthy, happy babies;
  • that worship comes in many forms;
  • good books and a comfy blanket;

…there is so much to be thankful for.  I hope you take some time today and everyday to remember what it is that you are thankful for.  Happy Thanksgiving All!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. So sweet that Silas made the list! I can’t wait for you to see him in December. He’s a different kid from the last time you were here.

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