Busy for the holidays

It has been a crazy busy week.   It seem there is a lot to update about!

  • Kris has 3 days left at work in Lexington!!  I could not be more excited that he is leaving Kentucky.  While there were some good times in Lexington, and there are still some very good friends there, it is time to move on.  And I’m glad that Kris is almost finished.  Kris is in the midst of packing up, so prayers for him please.  He’ll leave Lexington and head to Atlanta for the month of December.  We’ll be together for Christmas in Florida, then back to Seattle together!!  I am SO ready to live in the same city as my man!
  • My little brother is visiting this week!  We’re having a good time goofing around, catching up and exploring Seattle.  Pictures to follow.
  • Life at Mary’s Place is BUSY.  My director warned us that until December 26th, it is just going to be busy and chaotic.  And she was right. Our numbers are up, and tensions are high.  It is a hard time of year for most of the women.  They are seperated from their families and that’s especially hard this time of year.  It’s COLD outside, and WET, and that only adds to the frustration.  We are doing all we can to not only keep the peace, but to provide times of warmth and love for the women as well.
  • One of these instances was on Saturday, for our Annual Thanksgiving Celebration!  We held our celebration at a church up the street, in order to have a little more room.  They have a beautiful chapel where we held our hour long hymn sing with a full band!, and our service.  Our Thanksgiving meal was held in their gym.  The tables were bright and colorful.  The food was amazing.  The volunteers were numerous and incredibly helpful!  We had about 65 volunteers – there were 6 year old boys and 70 year old women there to volunteer their time and share their hearts with the women.  We had about 110 women and children attend the lunch, which we considered a GREAT turnout!  I loved seeing the volunteers hugging the women and calling them by name at the end of the day.  What a beautiful day.
  • I also have some potentially wonderful news to share about Mary’s Place, but that will have to wait till after 2:30pm today. 🙂
  • I’m the turkey lady this year.  Two turkeys in one week.  One I made for the Mary’s Place celebration.  The 2nd I am making on Thursday for our celebration.  I’m gonna be turkey-ed out.  Nah, there’s no such thing!
  • Wedding planning is going well!   We are down into the details, which is a little tedious, but a lot of fun!  I just really can’t wait for June 12th!!  It’s gonna be awesome!

That’s all for now folks.

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