A wedding update

Last weekend I flew out (yes, yet another trip) to Atlanta in search of a wedding dress.

Now before you find me guilty of dress-searching obsession or some other ridiculousness, let me explain.   I had originally wanted my mother to come out here to Seattle to come dress shopping with me.  But she managed to convince me (by helping to pay for my plane ticket) that Atlanta would be more fun because we could involve my sister, aunts and cousin.  And she was right.

I don’t feel like I have to say this again, but I will.  I am not a girly girl.  I’m not frilly, and I don’t typically get excited about shopping.  The one dress I own, I typically wear with pants underneath. (no joke – it’s super cute too, all hippie style!)  It also probably does not need to be restated that my sister and I have very different tastes in….well, pretty much everything.  The joke has always been that while she is “pinks and polka dots,” I’m “earth-tones.”

But for all of our stylistic differences, it was a wonderful weekend.  I adore my family.   We always have a good time together.  My aunts are hilarious and just feed off each other.  And it is always a comforting feeling to be at my Aunt Gayle’s house – it feels like home.  They were all good sports, letting me search for what I needed, listening to what I envisioned (which mostly included, “No bedazzled, no butt bows and no lace!”).  My sister only made me try on one frilly dress, though my mom pulled a couple frilled and beaded dresses.  After 3 stores and about 40 dresses, I found a dress!!  It is beautiful.  And it is true, what they say.  When you try it on, you just know. It’s very weird.  I had tried on many many dresses over the course of two days, and though I liked a few of them more than others, there wasn’t one dress I was attached overly attached to.  None of them made me cry.  I thought that I had maybe actually broken my curse.  But then, at the last shop, in the last dress, I walked out and stood in front of that mirror.  I could see reflections of my female family members behind me.  As I caught my own gaze in the mirror, tears sprung to my eyes.  Dammit.  Curse is still there.  But that’s okay, because I got a dress.

In other wedding news, things are falling into place.  We have a date (June 12th!); we have a location; we have a photographer; and now I have a dress!  There are still a lot more checks to make on my list, but it’s getting there!! 🙂


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