A tearful confession

Something has happened to me in the last, oh I don’t know, year?  Maybe two?  Something in me has shifted.  Somehow I have become this person who cries.  All the time.  At completely and utterly ridiculous times.

Yes, there are the meaningful times.  Every time one of the ladies from Mary’s Place tells her story of overcoming trails and tragedy, I cry.  Every time one of our ladies gets good news, I tear up.  That is good crying.  Happy crying.  And I cry every time I’m in an airport saying goodbye to my fiance (which is a lot!).  I cry when I miss him, or don’t get to talk to him enough.  That is justified crying.  It’s sad-I-miss-you crying.

Sometimes I cry when I read an especially moving post, or see pictures of my godson growing up knowing I’m missing it (have I mentioned that I have the world’s CUTEST godson??).  And while there is an undercurrent to be understood at missing out on that precious boy’s life, crying at pictures of him blowing kisses is a bit much.  And it doesn’t stop there.  Because somehow, I’ve become the girl that cries while watching T.V.  I have NEVER been that girl.  I despise romance novels and movies.  I was the girl that didn’t cry watching Titanic.  Now though?  I cry at everything!  I mean, seriously y’all, everything.

I started noticing it when the most recent string of commercials came on promoting the 3 Day Race for the Cure. (4th video down, when she says, “This is my do-more.  It absolutely is.”  I swear, it gets me every time!)  What I noticed was that I cried every time I saw that commercial.  Which was a lot.  Because there was a month that the stations ran it about 40 times a day.

Then there were the clips for this season’s Biggest Loser, where Abby talks about losing her family in a car accident.  And it is horrifically sad, and I cry with her every time she’s on that T.V. screen.

But tonight, ohhhhh, tonight took the cake.  An AT&T commercial did me in.   You know the one where the little girl is putting up posters looking for her lost dog.  And the college kid takes a picture of the poster on his cell phone and sends it around campus via text.  Then the little girl comes home and there’s the college kid, releasing her puppy back to the little girl.  “Sarah!  You’re home!”  Little girl and puppy go running toward each other!  Wait, you aren’t crying!?  Heartless I tell you, heartless dry-eyed souls you are!

What is wrong with me?  How do I fix this?  How do I go back to the girl that only cries when it is appropriate?  If I can’t figure it out, I may have to get rid of my T.V.


6 thoughts on “A tearful confession

  1. We traded. Cause over the last few years I have STOPPED being that girl who cries over everything. Though, random bouts of tears still take me by surprise but I actually read an essay about my kids, out loud, yesterday without even tearing up. So not the old me.

  2. I usually don’t have this problem but I just discovered The Biggest Loser. OMGFORSERIOUS that show. I am a waterworks factory every single time I watch it. This season is the first I’ve watched and these people are so inspiring. Many of them have put on weight in the first place because of traumatic events (growing up on the street with a drug addict mom for example or one lady two years ago lost her husband, 5 year old, and 2 week old all in a car crash five miles from her home!!!) ANyway, seriously. I cry SO MUCH during that show.

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  4. This post made me laugh, not because I’m cruel, but because I can relate. I’ve ALWAYS been the one who when everyone around me is crying I’m not shedding a tear. That sounds heartless but I just don’t cry. That all changed about a year or so ago. And I laughed at your confession because other than my roommate and one of my close friends from Bible study no one knows that I’m a crier. But yes, the curse has hit me too!

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