Making it public

For months I’ve been hinting at the fact that Kris may be moving out to Seattle at the end of the year.  Well, it is no longer just a hope or a dream.  It’s official:  Kris is moving to Seattle at the end of the year!!

It has actually been official for about a month, but I wasn’t allowed to “officially” say anything in a public domain until after he had announced it at work.  His fellow managers have known for a couple of weeks, and he did an official announcement at work yesterday.  So now everyone knows!  My man is moving out to Seattle!!  I could not be more EXCITED than I am right now.  That’s not true – I will be WAY more excited when he actually gets out here! 🙂

It has been a long road, and too many years of separation.  But we’ve made it this far, and I know we’ll make it these last two months.  It will be beyond wonderful to have him here in this city that I just adore.  AND that means he’ll get to be here for all the fun wedding planning activities!  hehe

*this is me, doing a happy jig*

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