We are entering into my FAVORITE season of the year.  Seriously.  I love Autumn like most kids love Christmas.  I love the changing of the season.  The way the air suddenly becomes crisp.  The crunch of leaves.  I will walk a crazy path on the sidewalk just to step on the extra crunchy leaves.  I love the food that comes with Fall: apple pie, homemade soups, hot chocolate.  That right there could be my lunch every single day of Autumn and I would be ridiculously happy every day.  And really, it doesn’t have to be apple pies (though those are my favorite), but any kind of pie.  Or muffins.  Or freshly baked bread.  I almost love the smell and the process of baking as much as I do the consuming!    Football is also in season and is on every weekend – a great excuse to yell at the T.V. and eat pizza.  I love that I get to pull out my scarves.  Oh how I love scarves.  Around my neck, in my hair, pashminas worn as scarves  – I love them all!

Everything smells different, feels different, looks different.  The anticipation that people hold for Spring – the way they wait for newness of life, for the first bud in the garden;  that is the way I anticipate Autumn.  I search with that same intensity for the first signs of color change in the trees.  I try every day to see my breath in the air.

Autumn is the best time of year to take walks.   Right after the sun sets, and the chill is settling into the night.  The way you can gain warmth from the exercise and tingly fingers from the cold at the same time, I love it!  Then coming home to a fleece blanket and a good book.  The image could only get better if my dog were curled up at my feet and my man leaning against me.

So I say: Welcome Autumn.  Welcome again.  I have been waiting with much excitement, and I’m so glad you are here.  Let the baking, scarf wearing, walking, cuddling season begin.


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