Um, excuse me?

For those of you know me in real life, you know that I’m not a girly-girl. Frills, lace, bows? No thank you. It is a joke in my family that while my sister is pinks and polka-dots, I’m earth-tones. I like to believe that I am pretty darn independent. That I am a well-rounded individual. I love hiking, reading, writing, traveling. I love to bake and am learning how to cook. I like organization but hate cleaning. I love sports and am a forever Noles fan. I do love cute clothes, but comfort is key. I own only half the number of shoes my dear fiance does. And I should add, not a single pair of heels, mostly flip flops. I have an earring fetish. I’m interested in photography, living sustainably and working for justice. I have lived in 5 states and two countries, all on my own. My graduate degree was paid part in scholarship, part in bar tips. I’m getting married in June, but I’m yet to buy a bridal magazine. My requirements for a dress are, “No butt-bows, no bedazzled, no lace.” Let’s just say, I’m not the kind of girly-girl that most wedding magazines/movies/websites are geared toward.

Case in point:
Modern Bride (sent to me by my sister via my mother), while containing helpful articles about staying on budget and planning a healthy honeymoon, also contains an article called, “Get in the Game: Tips for watching football with your fiance.” With such helpful tips as, “Wear a replica football jersey…he’ll think it’s sexy.” and “Don’t pepper him with planning questions during the game.” The article also includes some incredibly enlightening diagrams on how to learn the basic refs’ calls. That’s a good thing, otherwise, I might have never known what a first down was!  Moral of the article, Look sexy and stay quiet.

Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY!?   Short story: First game of the Noles season, I spent refreshing the ESPN page every 2 minutes because I don’t have cable and couldn’t stream the game live online.  I spent the last minute of the game on the phone with Kris, where he wasn’t allowed to talk, so I could listen to his TV to hear the end of the game.   Another short story:  While I Hong Kong, my first Thanksgiving I had Kris turn the webcam to the TV so I could watch at least some football via Skype!

So all I have to say is….SERIOUSLY?!?  For all brides to be and brides that have been who love football as much (if not more than) their men, I am offended.  Maybe I’ll just make my wedding cake in the shape of a football and let the groom’s cake done the wedding toppers!


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