Its what everyone is talking about…

Okay, maybe not everyone.  But it is going around the blog world, and I’m paying attention.  I’m following your success stories and tips of the trade.

When I was in college, I read a book that changed the way I ate.  Prior to the book, I had been an emotional eater, a joyful eater, a bored eater…basically, I loved food, namely junk food.  That coupled with a family who also loves to eat, and let’s just say that entering college, I wasn’t at my best weight.  And the freshman ## didn’t help either.  But I read this book that talked about novel things like, eating only when you are hungry.  And stopping when you are full.  And listening to what your body is asking for, instead of stuffing it with oreos (guilty!).  I found that when I started applying those seemingly simple principles to my own eating habits, I started losing weight.  That was not the original intention, but a very welcomed by-product.  And through the final years of college, I was able to maintain a figure I was happy with.  I decided that part of being happy with the way that I looked, was to not look at the numbers.  So I simply stopped weighing myself.  I wanted to be happy with how I felt and looked, not what I weighed.  It was a system that worked for me, and for 6 years I did not weight myself. When I had doctor’s appointments, I closed my eyes on the scale, and the doctor was always kind enough to put a sticky tab over the weight section on my charts.

In seminary, I added the other component – working out.  I found three girls from work that were willing to be my “work-out buddies.”  Four mornings a week, we were at the gym.  And I will tell you what: nothing will get a girl in shape faster than working out with a naturally sized 2 friend.  I was motivated and dedicated to my gym schedule, and to meeting my girls every morning.  I was running a few days a week as well.  A great release after a long day at school and stressful night at work.  And believe you me, I looked good.  Never in my life have I been that skinny, that in shape.  I had a flat tummy, and the confidence to wear a (gasp) bikini.

And then, well, I’m not really sure what happened.  I like to tease that I started dating Kris, and he spoiled me too often by cooking elaborate dinners and brought me too many slices of cheesecake.  🙂  But to be honest, my bad habits can’t be blamed on him.  I am just INCREDIBLY lucky that I have found a man who loves me, no matter my pant size.  Because over the last 3 years, I have gone from the girl who worked out all the time and was incredible shape to…not being that girl.  And it is frustrating.

I don’t like where I am right now, weight wise.  I don’t feel comfortable with myself, and that isn’t a good feeling.   Over the last few months, I have tried all the crash diets, acquired the “Better Assets” dvds, kept an exercise and weight gain/loss log.  Yet, in the last 7 months, I’ve remained in the save 5 pound range.

So this is my public push.  I know what I need.  I need accountability.  I need those work-out girls that are going to push me in the morning.  I need the routine.  I need the motivation.  Like Laura said, if I want to be health later in life, it has to start now.

So I’m starting now.  Five pounds at a time.  No major goals.  Other than to be healthy and confidant again.  To be in shape.  I’ve been working on changing my eating habits – snacking is my downfall.  And getting out of my lazy habits and getting active again.  I have gotten a bike, and plan to bike at least 3 days a week.  I am starting a bellydancercize class in two weeks.  I am going to do this.  For my health.  And the idea of fitting into a rockin’ wedding dress in June doesn’t hurt either. 😉


2 thoughts on “Its what everyone is talking about…

  1. I am at a place right now where I know what I weigh and I know it’s more than I would like but I am also happy and content with how I feel right now so I am taking it slowly and enjoying the “being healthy” process for once rather than just doing it to hit a number.

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