When I come home from work, I often find that I have little slips of paper stuffed into my pockets.  On these slips of paper, I have hurriedly written tidbits of wisdom from the ladies at Mary’s Place; pieces of conversation, parts of a prayer, a response to a situation or question.  I am continually floored by the strength and wisdom of these women.  They have been been stomped down, hidden in the alleys, been shuffled around, forgotten, they have suffered great tragedy…and yet, here they are.  They aren’t always stable, they aren’t always happy or cheerful, but they are here, willing to face a new day.  And that to me is simply amazing.  I am often blow away by their words, floored by their depth, the pain and strength that drips from their words.  The perseverance that shines through in short phrases.  The wisdom that still lies deep within them.

And so I want to start a new series.  One where I share these bits of power, these statements of awe.  Some are profound.  Some are simply silly.  But each one has found its way to a slip of paper in my pocket.

Taken from a prayer: “Lord, I invest all of me, knowing that IS a good investment.” ~Redrock

The willingness to invest all of one’s self, the good, the bad and the hidden parts of our self – it is a scary thing to do.  But when one can make that leap, that step of faith that putting themselves all out there is worth it, they are transformed.  Not instantly, not magically.  But inevitably transformed.    Redrock was accurate in saying that a full investment of self is a good investment.  It allows for forgiveness of self and of others, for change, and it allows for healing.


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