I know that my blogging has been lacking lately.  I feel as though there is much to say, but just don’t have the energy to say it.  So, how about a bullet-point update instead?

  • I just read the most boring, drawn-out book EVER.  If you ever thought about reading Love in the Time of Cholera, let me save you the time.  DON’T!  I was actually rooting AGAINST the main characters, hoping that they wouldn’t find love.  It took me three weeks to read this book.  It never takes me three weeks to read a book.  The only reason that I read it to the end is because I was determined to finish, but it was seriously a waste of my time.   I could gripe on and on about this book, about how it is so obviously written by a man, and allows a lying, sleazy old man to get the girl (who should have followed through with her character and remained independent!)  Grrr.  Seriously disliked this book.
  • After finally finishing the world’s slowest moving book, I’ve moved on to Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America. Started an hour before bed last night, and I’m already 50 pages deep.  This book is incredibly relevant to what I’m doing now at Mary’s Place.  I’m hoping that it will give a great perspective into the lives of homeless families, the different causes that lead to families becoming homeless, what leads mothers into places like Mary’s Place, etc.
  • Work is going well.   As time progresses I gain more responsibilities.  My official title is Urban Outreach, which mostly means that I work with families.  Unfortunately, we see a lot of families come through our center.  We are the ONLY walk-in day center that is open to women with children without a referral.  It is tragic to see so many families living in the cars and on the street.  It’s even harder to accept that there are so few shelters open to families, making it harder for them to get back on their feet.  I could probably spend a whole, long post on this topic, so maybe I will work on that.  Just wanted to update that work is going well, keeping me busy and is always a challenge.
  • I keep debating about addressing this health care reform issue on here.  I have so much to say, but I know that opening my blog up to talking about something so political is dangerous.  I haven’t fully decided if I’ll write/publish a full post yet, but I feel like this needs to be said.  The thing I have noticed the most, when it comes to opposition to reform, is the reason so many people (though of course not all) seem to have is not the reform itself, but their fear and opposition to President Obama.  I can’t help but notice the many status updates and “polls” on Facebook, and the majority of them speak little of the actual reform debate, but of their disdain for the President.  And that is so frustrating, because this is such an important topic, and I hate to see it overrun by personal opinions about one man, rather than the issue itself.  If people have valid arguments about the reform itself, I am happy to hear those, but opposing the reform because of the man behind it seems ludicrous to me.
  • I got a bike!  It is very exciting.  I’ve been talking for months about getting a bike, and I mentioned on Facebook that I was looking, and one of the board members from Mary’s Place messaged me saying she had an old bike I could have!!  The only thing I had to do to get the bike was come have dinner with her and her family.  Um, okay!  We had a wonderful dinner where everything minus the cheese and the chicken was direct from her garden.  Yummy!  The bike is a little older, and needs a little cleaning, but it’s great so far!  I took it out for a practice ride today, and it rides great.  I am still trying to figure out the gears, and good lord these hills may kill me, but I’m working on it.  My goal is to be able to ride to work fairly soon.  I’m not quite street worthy just yet, still a little wobbly, but I’ll get more stable the more I ride.
  • Wedding planning is going slowly but surely.  It seems that the details are much easier to plan than the larger, more necessary parts.  We have a photographer and know the kind of punch we want to serve at the reception, but we still don’t have things like, oh, a location.  Or a date.  You know, minor things.  🙂  We are planning for June 2010, and are looking at places in North Carolina, particularly in the Asheville area.  It is just so hard to plan from so far away.
  • I am enjoying being engaged, even though my fiance lives so stinkin’ far away!  I love that there are moments when the light catches my ring and it just makes me smile.  I am so incredibly lucky and cannot wait to be married!
  • I also want to give a shout out of congratulations to three dear friends who just had babies.  The saying is true that these thing come in threes!  So to Jon and Mechelle with their beautiful baby Anna; Jeff and Carrie and their sweet little Julianne (aka, Little J!); and Allison and Bryan and their handsome little H.  I am so excited for you all and can’t wait to meet the latest additions!

4 thoughts on “Updating

  1. I really liked this post. Sometimes it’s just nice to get a general all around bullet point update.

    (1) I had the same exact experience with Love in the Time of Cholera when we lived in Dothan except I was weak, gave in, never finished it and then moved on with my life. I almost NEVER quit before finishing a book if that says anything about the experience.


    (3) Do I remember reading here or hearing rumors that the wedding might be in NC?? Just curious.

  2. Mary, I don’t think I posted on here about the wedding being in NC – maybe in an email? And yes, go get a bike! So wonderful. But start off slow, or at least, stay away from the hills on the first day. 😉

    Heather, after reading the book, the thought of watching the movie makes me want to poke my own eyes out! haha

  3. Hey Mary,

    Just caught your blog for the first time. Interesting and glad it crossed my e-path.

    Rachel and Her Children is a good read, though I’d like to think things have changed over the past 20 years since it came out.

    May I humbly recommend my book which I wrote to be a reader-friendly book about homelessness, Crossing the Line: Taking Steps to End Homelessness. You’ll probably identify with some of the stories/people.

    Good luck!

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