Advocacy alert

Today, a Federal District Court Judge denied a motion to restrain the State from forcibly evicting homeless Nickelodeons from their current location on State land.  Tonight, it is very likely that State Troopers will come evict Nickelodeons and arrest those who refuse to leave, despite the reality that Nickelsville has no permanent site to move to.

Tonight, Women in Black will be standing at 2nd SW and West Marginal Way SW at 5 PM.  The dangers of sleeping outside, alone, are well known to Women in Black.  Without shelter and loving community, homeless people die.  They die young (at an average age of 48), and they die in horrible ways.  These dangers make the need for Nickelsville’s safe, self-managed outdoor shelter/shantytown eminently clear.

Women in Black will be standing tonight in solidarity as silent witnesses at Nickelsville, and in the name of the homeless people who have died, outside and alone, on or near State land over the past nine years.  We now know that at least 42 people have died on State land on or near I-5 or I-90, in the Jungle greenbelt, over the past nine years.  Research was done to corroborate this for a Declaration to support Nickelsville’s Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order.  These deaths, on State land, make the State’s action today to forcibly evict homeless people from their safe communal shelter shameful and wrong.

(Taken in part from the Women in Black press release)


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