The incredible world-trotting family

I don’t know how many of you know this, but I come by being a missionary honestly.  Its in my blood.

~My dad served on a 3 month mission to Peru when he was younger.  It was a trip that altered his faith and there are stories from that experience that he still shares.

~My cousin Ben was a Summer Intern with the Young Adult Mission Program through GBGM (my sending agency) while he was in college.  He served in Philly.

~My cousin Paige has been on multiple short-term mission trips (mostly to Brazil).

~My cousin Mary Grace was in Bangalore, India with proVISION Asia for many years.

~My aunt and uncle are currently serving in Albania.  They are in their 3rd year.

~And on Wednesday, my dear cousin Ellen joined the ranks (though not for the first time) and set off for Tanzania.  She just graduate from linguistics school through Wycliffe.  She will be spending the first few months in language training, and then will be leading adult literacy courses around the Lake Victoria area.  I am incredibly proud of her, very excited for her, and slightly jealous of her. 🙂   If anyone is interested in following Ellen’s journey through her newsletter, let me know and I’ll add you to her list.  Also, if anyone wants to add themselves to her prayer and/or support list, let me know!

What an amazing family I have.  Seriously, this is just a glimpse at how dedicated and awesome my family really is.  I am obviously not trying to compare international to domestic service, and fully believe that both are vital.  I just think it is neat and a great blessing to be from a family as international as mine. 🙂


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