All week long I have wanted to sit down and write a post or two.  I’ve had ideas and updates swirling in my head, beginnings of posts jotted down in bus-jumbly scrawl in my notebook.  And here I sit on Sunday night, with nothing to say.  Seriously, I do have things to say.  But for some reason, my mind is just drawing a blank tonight.

So instead, how about a few pictures?


I feel like this picture pretty much sums up the weekend.  Asher wanting to know “how does it work?”, Silas flirting with whoever isn’t holding him.  Love it!


All weekend long, Silas was working hard on standing up.  It would take him a good minute or two, but when he was up, he was so proud of himself!  Hooray!


I just absolutely adore this family.  Seriously.


What a grand pair of godmothers!  I don’t know that we could ask for cuter, sweeter godsons!


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  1. I think I saw the pics from the trip on facebook or flickr or somewhere. They were fantastic. It’s so great that you were able to go!!

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