This weekend is my 10 year high school reunion.  I am not going.  I didn’t much care for high school when I was there.  The people pretty much annoyed and/or bored me, and I was basically ready to high-tail it out of PC as soon as I threw my cap.  I had a few really good friends from high school, all 3 of who I still keep in touch with fairly regularly. But the roughly 500 other people I graduated with?  I honestly have little desire to spend $65 just to crowd into a room, trying to place nice and act like they really cared who I was 10 years ago.   (or for that matter, that they care who I am today)  Wait, did I say $65?  That’s just the entrance fee.  That doesn’t include the plane ticket home.  If we weren’t friends in high school, if I don’t talk to you now, no way I’m going to PAY to talk to you now.  Just silly.

But still.  It is my 10 year high school reunion this weekend.  And that makes me feel a little old.  I can remember being in high school, hearing other people talk about their 10 year reunion and thinking they were so old.  I feel like they definitely had to have been older than I am now.  No way 27 is old enough to have a 10 year reunion.  But then, I guess it really is.

I may sound a little harsh here.  It isn’t that I hated high school, per say.  It is just that I didn’t enjoy it that much.  I liked my classes and the majority of my teachers.  And I was involved in various activities, I went to all the football games and prom.  I made the most of it while I was there.  But there was never a moment of my entire high school career that I didn’t see my time in high school for what it was – a stepping stone to get somewhere else.  I knew that the best way to get out of PC (which is a lovely city – I don’t mean to be knocking it, it just isn’t the place for me), was to graduate well and get into a good college.  Besides, most of my friends were not from school.  The people I most often hung out with were from church, and they were all a couple of years older than me.  High school was fine, but nothing worth reunioning about. (yes, I totally just made that word up)

Not to mention that I have a much more important, and much cuter engagement this weekend.  I’ll be seeing my beautiful godson dedicated, and celebrating his first birthday.  Now THAT is worth its weight in plane tickets!


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  1. I felt exactly the same way about high school. For me, I blamed it on how often we moved but still I don’t think I would’ve been that into it either way. I’m guessing mine was a year ago and I’m glad I didn’t notice because then I too would have felt very old.

    Have a fantastic trip this weekend!!

  2. I strongly disliked highschool and all the kids there. I had a few friends, like you and if they were good enough friends, we still talk/see each other. I miss you and want to see more pics from Seattle!

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