Not much to say

I feel like I need to update, but I really don’t have much to say.  Life has settled into a bit of a routine here, which is nice. 

The weather has been beautiful for the last week and a half, and is supposed to be warm and sunny through the weekend.   People keep saying that this is unusual weather – that it typically doesn’t get this warm or this sunny until after 4th of July.  Well, I don’t know what typical weather patterns are or aren’t, but I’m loving this weather!  It cracks me up everytime I hear someone complaining about it being “too hot” here.  78* is NOT too hot!

My summer is booking up rather quickly.  I’ll be traveling to Alabama in a few weeks for my sweet godson’s birthday/dedication.  I am REALLY excited about seeing him again (and of course, all the other Alabama folk)  In July I’ll be traveling to Madison, WI for a wedding, where I’ll be the co-photographer!  Bless her heart, Jamie has a lot of faith in me! 🙂  I’m so excited to see Katie (the bride), and a couple of other YAMs as well!  Katie is getting married in the Madison Botanical Gardens, which is going to be just beautiful!! 

Later in July, Alice and Jan are coming to visit!  They came to see me in Hong Kong around the same time of year.  Its turning into a tradition.  I love it!  We’ll get to celebrate Jan’s birthday together, which will be a lot of fun.  Jan and I have spent everyone one of her birthdays together, except for one, since we met back in 2002!  Crazy, huh?

And somewhere in the midst of all the traveling and visitors, Kris is coming out for a visit (hopefully the end of June!)  So yeah, it is going to be a crazy busy summer.  But one that I am really looking forward to!


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