~Spring comes in spurts in Seattle.  (say that 3 times fast)  And when it comes, it is beyond beautiful here!  But when it goes into hiding, it is depressing.  I can handle the the rain.  I can handle the string of grey days.  I cannot handle the cold.  I’m sorry, but it just isn’t supposed to be 40 degrees in May!!

~But like I said, when it is beautiful, there is nothing better.  I have never experienced a Spring so brilliant.  When I moved to Kentucky, I thought that they must have a patent on Spring beauty.  That’s because I had never been to the Pacific Northwest.  Lavender.  Honeysuckle. Bamboo.  Cherry Blossoms.  Tulips.  Daffodils.  Just to name a few.  A walk through nearly every neighborhood is like walking through a botanical garden.  I love it!

~Last night we had a “work meeting” with the president of our board of directors.  She choose this wonderful French restaurant at Pike Market.  We sat out on the deck, enjoying tasty salamon puffs, patte, mussels, belgium fries, goat cheese mousse, and $4 martinis.  The sun was bright and warming.  Our view captured the edge of Mt. Ranier and the ferries coming in to habour.  I love my city. And my co-workers. 🙂

~I’m flying out Monday night for Florida.  Another red-eye flight.  My brother is graduating from high school next week.  I am so excited that I will get to be there see him cross the stage.  My sister graduated from Huntingdon last weekend.  I was very sad that I missed her graduation.   She told me that as she was walking across the bridge onto the green, her heels kept getting stuck in the slats.  The guy behind her kept saying, “Don’t fall.  Don’t fall.  If you do, it’ll be bad for all of us.  ‘Cause no one behind you is gonna stop in time!”  No worries though.  She graduated.  No one tripped or lost a shoe. 

~Work is going well.  I am learning so much.  This is not an easy job by any means.  I am blessed to have great teachers in my co-workers.  I am learning to get over my fear of confrontation, as it is a tool that is often necessary in this job.  I love the women.  They are loud, funny, challenging, heartbreaking and heartwarming – all at the same time.  There is never a dull moment at Mary’s Place. 🙂

~Speaking of work, we had our Spring Luncheon last week.  Spring Luncheon is one of two major fundraisers we host every year to raise funds for Mary’s Place.  This year the luncheon was hosted at the Seattle Center.  We had former Seahawks football player Nesby Glasgow speak, with a local new anchor emceeing.  Attendance was up this year by 100 people, and we raised WAY more than our highest expected financial goal!!!

~Finally, congratulations to Mary and Lane for graduating!  Congratulations to Nick and Laura for making it through the first year -happy birthday to your beautiful girls!!


5 thoughts on “Update

  1. Awe. Thanks Liz.

    I understand your feelings about Spring. It’s similar in Boston (although I’m sure it is somewhat prettier in Seattle). But, I understand that feeling of some days are prettier than anything you’ve ever seen and then there is a week of rain and 45 degree weather and it is almost June which feels absurd.

    Anyway… I hope you have a smooth trip to PC. I’m having the best time with my parents here in Boston. It’s a really fun time of year 🙂

  2. Thanks, yo. Spring is a wonderful time here. The trees start to bloom and the rats start scurrying through the alleys.

  3. And a thanks from Laura and me as well. We appreciate your kind thoughts. It has been one heck of a year but to see what came out of it makes it so worthwhile! Hope your trip to FLA is a good one. Will we see you sometime this summer?

  4. Nick – what has come out of your year is an amazing story of perseverance and God’s grace! Not to mention to beautiful little girls!! I’ll be in Montgomery in June! So I’m sure I’ll see you then! 🙂

  5. 🙂 I miss you Elizabeth! Becareful traveling and have fun in Florida! Soak up as much sun and warmth as you can!!!

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