Don’t mind me

if i brag a little bit.  But I just have to say, I love my mom.  And in the Hallmark greeting card holiday where we are all supposed to honor some ideal of what a mom is, I am glad that I can honestly say, “I love my mom.” 

She used to worry about me when I wore my “Loveable Liberal” shirt (courtesy of one Valerie).  And it took her awhile to understand that while my sister is pink and polka dots, I’m earth tones.  While we both love books and reading, she’s more romance and I’m more issue related.  She prefers the radio off in the car, while I love the sing with the windows down.  She hates heights while my dad and I are planning to go sky diving.  She lives an hour from where she grew up, while living on the other coast is as close to home as I’ve been in two years.  She’s quiet and reserved, while I’m, well, not. 

But while we may not always been on the same page about a great variety of things, there is one thing that will always remain true.  I love my mom, and she loves me.  I know what a privilege it is to be able to say that, and for it to be true.  I know what a great blessing it is to have my mother still with me.  To have a mother whose greatest concern is for my well-being. 

My mother is the kind of mother that flies out to Seattle to help me settle in, a month before my sister’s wedding. (The underlying meaning: in the midst of a high-stress month, she took a full week off to be with me when I needed her.) She is the kind of mother that isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions, even if she knows we’ll disagree.  The kind of mother that will have “the conversation” with my boyfriend, just to make sure he’s worthy. (Don’t worry, he passed the test.)  She is the kind of mother that sends poppyseed cake in the mail for Valentine’s Day, and a new pair of flip flops for my birthday.  She is a mother who works hard at making sure I’m happy, and that I feel loved and accepted.  And you know what?  I do.

So Happy Mother’s Day Mom!  I wish all daughters could be so lucky.



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