Making an appearance

First, go here.  I may link to David’s blog more than any other.  He’s posts are so witty, informative and well, yeah, just go read it.

Second, go here.  Tell me if you don’t laugh.  (Christy, I thought of you when I first read this, and about how hard you would be laughing.)

Does linking to other blogs count as an appearance for me?  No?  Okay.  Well then, in keeping with my title, I’ll talk about other places I’ve made or will be making an appearance:

*All day Friday and Saturday, I spent at the Northwest Catholic Women’s Convocation.  No, I haven’t converted to Catholicism.  Our organization had a table as one of the exhibits.  But I did get a chance to attend some of the speeches and workshops, which were pretty incredible.  I got to hear Cokie Roberts and Naomi Tutu.  Wow.  I have a blog in the works about their speeches.

*Today, I’ll be making an appearance outside.  Because it is beautiful!  But I just wanted to let Nick know that yes, I’m still here.  Part of my issue in my lack of blogging is that I don’t have internet at home.   I’ll try and get better.  Promise. 

*In two weeks I’ll be making an appearance in Florida.  My little brother is graduating from high school!  So hard to believe.  I should clarify though, that he actually graduated in December, because he is just that cool.  But he is walking the stage for our family’s benefit.  I’m excited to get to go home again and have it be a little more relaxed this time around.  I’ll get to meet Michael’s girlfriend for the first time (they’ve been dating about a year), so I’m excited to get to tease him about that.  And I’ll be staying a night with my sister and brother-in-law in their new house.  Fun!

*Finally, just a little advanced notice.  I’ll be heading down in June to Montgomery for a weekend to see my beautiful godson Silas on his birthday/dedication.  I am SO excited!!

*And on one final note, someone is playing the bagpipes outside.  Random, but true.  So I’m heading out there to find out who.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Making an appearance

  1. thanks for making an appearance. I agree, blogging lately has been extra challenging and everyone is generally dropping off, myself included. nice to hear how things are going in Washington.

  2. Aw, shucks! Thanks!

    Also, the Racewire post is hilarious, thank you for sharing.

    Also, new look over at City of…, check it out!

    Miss you, love you, need to buy plane tickets….

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