Happy Anniversary

Let me just start this post off by apologizing.  If you live in the KY area (and I know that there are a few of you that read here) and I did not call you to let you know I was coming, I’m sorry.  I didn’t call anyone.  It was a whirlwind trip to celebrate my anniversary with Kris.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back, and we’ll get together then, promise! 🙂

So, I went to Kentucky this week!  It was Kris and I’s three year anniversary.  Three years!?  Can you believe it?  I know that I hardly can.  The trip, though short, was absolutly wonderful.  He took me to his hometown in Virgina to meet his grandparents and show me where he grew up.  For as metal as Kris is, he sure grew up in a small Southern town.  Kinda makes me laugh.

The grandparents were cute beyond belief.  His grandfather talked my ear off, regaling me with stories from the war.  My grandfather never talked much of his war stories, I just always assumed they were too painful for him to speak of.  But Kris’ Daddy Bob shared many stories of being on a naval ship for 2 years, over in Asia.  He shared one story in particular, of the ship holding a Japanese kamikaze pilot.  He was able to speak to the man, and learned that he had been educated in the States.  Something about hearing the Japanese man speaking of his time studying in Pennsylvania really struck Daddy Bob.  The way he told the story, the compassion that entered his voice when he spoke of this hostage, showed me the humanness that is often forgotten in times of war.  I also learned that he was trained at Bremerton, which is just outside of Seattle. 🙂

After just two short days in VA, Kris and I drove back to Kentucky.  Wednesday was our actual anniversary.  We spent most of the day at Keeneland, where we had also spent our first anniversary.  A tradition of sorts. *smile*  Even though the day was cold, it was absolutely beautiful.  We only bet on two races, and lost both times.  Kris wanted to bet $3 on the 3 horse (for our three years together).  Slightly cheesy, totally sweet, but absolutely not a winning horse.  haha!   That night we had a wonderful dinner at this great Italian restaurant that is practically a hidden gem in Lexington.  Our waitress was just fantastic, and when she learned it was our anniversary, she brought us two desserts…on the house!!  Yay for free tiramisu and cannoli!!

I didn’t want to leave on Thursday, but had to be back for work this weekend.  I managed to squeeze a visit with a couple of people that I didn’t get to see when I was in Kentucky over the holidays.  One I literally saw for 3 minutes, but it was worth it to hug her neck!  I also got to meet sweet baby Henry, Beau and Amanda’s baby.  I just only wish I could of had more time to see everyone!!  There are still people I haven’t seen at all since returning to the States!!!

Leaving Thursday was hard.  Saying goodbye gets harder every time we have to say it.  I am just ready for the day when we will finally be in the same city again!!! 

Happy 3 Year Annivesary Kris!!  It was wonderful to get to spend our special day together!! I love you!



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