a new love

I’m now completely addicted.  Thank you Stephanie.   Last weekend I found myself sitting in the Seattle airport waiting for my delayed flight, watching my Netflix copy of The West Wing, Season 2, episode 1.  I’m now about halfway through Season 2.  I have to say that so far, my favorite from this season was the episode where Prez Bartlet quotes every stringent law from Leviticus and other such Levite-law books of the Old Testament in order to put the radio host in her place.  And then tells her to stand up in the presence of the President. 

I love the little details of this show.  Like how in The Lame Duck episode, after the president exits the office for the evening, there’s a man going around turning off all the lights.  That’s gotta be someone’s job, right?  Conserving energy in the White House.  It is all in the details.

And my favorite character so far is Charlie.  He’s just so calm all the time.  But then, I also really love Donna.  Because she is the exact opposite of calm.

Yes.  Addicted.


5 thoughts on “a new love

  1. A convert! I’m so proud.

    I have different favorite characters in different seasons, but in general I love Sam’s idealism and Toby’s sense of justice.

  2. I had the biggest smile on my face while reading this post. I am so glad you have joined our little band of adoring fans. It is SO GOOD!

  3. um, the very best character is obviously Lemon Limon but that is just my humble opinion.

    YAY. Glad to have you in the WW obsession club. in my top 5 best shows of all time and history. hands down.

  4. YES.

    Liz, I’m so glad you’ve joined the worthy ranks of the West Wing Addicted. I have been checking them out from the Library. I could watch it all day long. Truly.

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