Wedding Festivities!!

The wedding Festivities are WELL under way by this point.  Most every member of my immediate family (bride excluded) has a detailed to-do list (I feel your pain Mary).  My new catch phrase is, “Its not on the list,” in response to pretty much anything.

“Where are we eating lunch today?”

“I don’t know, its not on the list.”

“Are you decorating the church?”

“Ummmm, its not on my list?”

“What’s the weather supposed to be like tomorrow?”

“I don’t know, its not on my list.”

Last night we had the bachlorette party, which was lots of fun!  We all tried, quite unsuccessfully, to make my sister blush.  We started off with dinner at Bonefish, followed by margaritas and a lingerie shower back at one of the bridesmaid’s hotel room.  Today is the bridesmaid’s luncheon at the Yacht Club.  Then we are schlepping over to see Alison and Scott’s new house (yay for a house that didn’t fall through!)  Tonight is the rehearsal and dinner (BBQ = YUM!)  Most all of the family is already here, with a few stragglers arriving this afternoon.  Even my aunt and uncle from Albania are flying in today!!

More updates and possibly pictures later!! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Wedding Festivities!!

  1. I didn’t know you had family in Albania? That’s pretty neat. I can’t wait to see pictures from the wedding. Enjoy it all and let us know how it goes!

  2. Have fun with everyone!

    This is completely random, and will not mean anything to you, but I can’t hear about Albania any more without thinking of Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.

  3. sounds like the opposite of val’s wedding. i don’t think anybody had a list and the catch phrase of the entire day was something along the lines of “sure, yeah, whatever.”

  4. Bean – yes, my mom’s sister and her husband are missionaries in Albania. Pictures of the wedding week to come soon!
    Mary – I’m pretty sure the entire week would have collapsed without the lists. We lived by the lists.

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