Home sweet home

Well, after an unexpected extension to my travel time, I’ve decided that I despise Delta.  Boo Delta.  My flight was delayed take off for an hour.  I had a 45 minute layover in Atlanta, and the delay meant I was going to miss my connection.  Before we left though, they made the announcement that due to weather all of our connections were also delayed an hour, so everyone should be fine.  Before I boarded, I went to the counter and gave them the flight number of my connection, and they confirmed that flight was delayed one hour and wouldn’t leave until 11:45pm.  Right as we were taking off, the head flight attendant announced that there was no running water on the plane, which meant we couldn’t wash our hands in the bathrooms, and more importantly, that there would be no coffee or tea during flight service!  Seriously?!  We were taking off from the city where there are more coffee shops than people, and someone on staff couldn’t think to run down to Starbucks for a jug of coffee to go?  Geez.  I hadn’t had my coffee that day yet because I had been rushing to the airport and standing in lines trying to figure the delay and connection deals.  The headache that was creeping up on me hit full force about halfway through our flight.

You know you have to buy your meals on planes now?  I knew that before, but it never ceases to tick me off.  I think that any flight over four hours should warrent a free meal.  Good grief.  I paid $8 for a salad that I wouldn’t have paid $2 for in a deli!  It was not good.  The little flight attendant man that was working my section kept ignoring me/forgetting me.  When they would offer drinks he wouldn’t wait for me to answer before he was already moving back!  Twice I had to stand up to get his attention.  I was so frustrated.

I finally land in Atlanta, after the flight attendants promised everyone they would make their connections (yes, she actually used the word promise!), and was told that my connection was gate D28.  I was at B17.   And to make matters worse, my flight was leaving in 10 minutes.  Turns out, my connection  WAS NOT an hour late, as I had twice been told previously!  So I ran two concourses in three minutes flat, only to arrive at my gate 4 minutes too late!  Four stinkin’ minutes!  The plane was still there, but the doors were already shut, and even though I begged the lady at the desk, they wouldn’t open them again.  Seeing as how that was the last flight out to Ft. Walton for the night, I was stuck in Atlanta!  I stood in line for over an hour to rebook my flight, expecting a hotel for the night.  They were more than willing to offer me a hotel…if I paid for it!!  I couldn’t believe it!  Here I was, stuck because of Delta, and they were making me pay for a hotel room!!  I was so ticked at this point, I may have let a few choice words slip.

So, I stayed the night in a poor excuse for a hotel right under the incoming flights, so all night I heard planes and rattling windows.  The flight the next morning got off fine.  Though it was bumpy the entire flight (so bumpy that the lone flight attendant never got out of his seat!), we made it to Florida fine.

But it doesn’t end there.  When I got home and opened my luggage I found that menacing little paper that indicates the TSA had searched my bags.  I had put my sister’s wedding present in my suitcase, because I didn’t have room in my carry on.  It was this really cool candle that was actually two candles woven together, and when they met at the top they formed a heart.  I met this really neat local artist at Pike Place Market the day before I left, and he made all these candles.  I thought they were just beautiful, and that the heart would make a unique gift for my sister.  So I double wrapped it in bubble wrap, then wrapped it in a bag, rolled a shirt around it, then a sweater around that, and placed it in the middle of my suitcase.  Well, while the TSA was rooting through my bag, they took apart my packing, down to the bubble wrap, and didn’t put it back together.  So when I opened my bag, the candle was snapped in two.  I’m so sad because it was such a good idea, and now I’m stuck for a gift!  Stupid Delta and Stupid TSA.  Grrr.

But, on the bright side, I’m in Florida!  And it is BEAUTIFUL!!  I mean seriously, weather like today is why people move to Florida.  Blue and sunny, a slight breeze, a perfect 72 degrees.  All the dogwoods and azaleas are in bloom, and it is just so darn beautiful!  I’m enjoying being back with my family.  Today was my mom’s birthday (YAY!) and we had a great time together today, going to lunch, shopping, and then grilling out tonight.  Alison is in Princess mode, and just loving all the attention.  My mom’s dinning room is literally overflowing with wedding gifts.  Tomorrow I’m going to pick up Kris from the airport (YAY!) and family starts coming in tomorrow night.  Mom, Dad and Alison will be peeling 50 pounds of shrimp while I’m picking up Kris (gotta love the boy’s timing 🙂 It is going to be a fun but busy weekend!

3 thoughts on “Home sweet home

  1. The sad thing is this is becoming the norm and not the crazy exception with air travel. We’ve had to do so much more flying since moving to Boston and it is absolutely not my favorite thing. Sorry you had such a bad experience and especially about the wedding gift. That sucks. I’ve been randomly chosen for a search like that twice and it’s crazy.

    This post gave me a little anxiety attack as I am flying to atlanta this weekend with US airways (delta affiliate). Wish me luck.

    ALSO YES GET TWITTER. I love our new little twittering community. I feel so connected lately despite the fact we all live hundreds & thousands of miles apart! Love it.

    Enjoy your weekend in PC. Sounds like you are looking on the bright side!

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