Little bits of this and that

~I’ve discovered Pandora.  I know I’m way behind on the times here, but better late than never?  I love this program – free music, categorized for me.  All I have to do is type in an artist and it generates a station of similar artists.  I’m discovering new musicians that I really like.  Jan sent me a CD of Jesca Hoops, and when I typed her in I found Missy Higgins, Chris Pureka, and Mieko (who I knew of before, but just didn’t have any of her stuff).  I’m a big fan so far!!

~I’m starting to recognize people on the bus.  But the odd thing about it is, I recognize them by what they are reading.  Isn’t that funny?  If I were to look at their face, I probably wouldn’t remember them, but to see the book more than once I know who they are.  The woman reading The Audacity of Hope gets off at 46th St., and the man that always has the most recent Economist gets off at my stop.  I don’t read on the bus because I get motion sick, so that must mean that no one remembers me.  Maybe I’ll carry a book just so people will remember me. 😉

~Speaking of books, I saw a guy today with the Kindle.  When they first came out I was really fascinated by the idea.  I still think its a great idea and would love to own one some day.  The only problem I would have is that I often don’t buy my own books – I inherit them through book exchanges, borrow from the library or if I do buy a book, I buy it at a used book store.  The Kindle would force me to pay full price for books, which means I would probably never read!

~I’m flying out on Sunday for Florida.  My sister is getting married next weekend!  Even though I was just home, I’m excited to go back.  The weather here has been incredibly cold, and I’m ready for some warm Florida sun!  Kris is also flying down for most of the week, so I am DOUBLY excited to see him as well! 

~And speaking of weddings, the rumor has somehow gotten out that I’m getting married.  I know how it happened, and I blame Facebook.  My sister posted her wedding invitation as an event on Facebook, which I said I was attending.  Apparently, for a couple of days my news feed said “Liz Hooks is attending I’m getting married!”  I got more than one response to that, asking if I’m getting married.  Five to be exact.  Five separate people in four days asked me if I was getting married.  I got asked so often I was beginning to wonder if I had missed out on something and really was getting married.  But don’t worry, I’m not.   When I do, I promise, I’ll let you know before Facebook does.

~My cooking adventures are going well.  I really love cooking.  I made a shrimp dish last week that turned out perfectly!  I had never cooked with shrimp before and was really nervous about screwing it up, but I didn’t!  I was so excited that I was actually dancing around my apartment.  *grin*  Last night I made a very yummy stir fry with tons of fresh veggies.  My two favorite foods of the moment?  Bell peppers and feta cheese.  I probably buy 4 peppers a week and at least a tub of cheese a week.  I just can’t get enough of them!


6 thoughts on “Little bits of this and that

  1. OMG. I have this new, very most favorite recipe, and it is awesome. It is here:

    Where it asks for mint, parsley and dill, I only use dill, and a ton of it, because I love dill and feta together.

    Also, Costco, which I know you have sells a giant container of feta cheese (which doesn’t go bad very quickly) for like $7, which seems like a lot until you consider that like 1/3 of the amount in the grocery store costs almost that much. You should totally get some.

  2. @ Val. Um, that looks gross. Primarily because I hate cucumber. But, it also looks pretty though with all the color.


    Don’t they have pandora in Hong Kong??? It’s the best. If you just now found it, that means we have all let you down. Sorry.

    Also, I don’t think I’ll ever come around to the Kindle. I think Lane would enjoy it but I will always prefer a good hardcopy book. I guess Lane would say that about hardcopy newspapers which I easily live without and firmly believe are a waste of killing trees 🙂

    I’m jealous that you are heading to our hometown this weekend. Make sure to update us with pictures!!

  3. 1. I love feta. And Brian loves bell peppers – but you win with buying 4 a week. He goes through 1-2 (and a bag of carrots, and a 5 lb bag of apples) a week.

    2. I remember assigning strangers that I saw every day names based on who they reminded me of, and trying to guess where they were going. It was very fun.

    3. You’re going to love the weather next week. But did your sister plan a wedding in PC during spring break on purpose? That sounds a little crazy. Should make for an interesting plane ride.

    4. Glad to hear you’re doing well.

  4. ~Val – Thanks for the recipe (and the Costco tip) I’ll have to try it. I love cucumbers too! 🙂
    ~Mary – I’ll take PLENTY of pictures – no worry there! I’ll enjoy the beach and sunshine for you!! And I’m sure that they had pandora in HK, but I just never knew about it. Shame on you guys. 🙂 (or on me for not paying enough attention)
    ~Steph – Brian would LOVE the food out there! (honestly, you would too) My sister did plan her wedding during SB primarily b/c she wanted a wedding in warm weather and missed last spring b/c I was in HK. And its the day after my parent’s anniversary – which she thought was fun. Crazy it will be, but we are nearly assured of good weather. (knock on wood!) Maybe I’ll get a few good blog stories from the plane ride! haha!

  5. “I don’t read on the bus because I get motion sick, so that must mean that no one remembers me. Maybe I’ll carry a book just so people will remember me. ;-)”

    I love it!

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