I just have to say that life without a car is a serious commitment.  Using public transportation, for all its wonderful perks, can be hard work.  It is a commitment to ride the bus to work in the rain, sleet or snow (all of which we had over the weekend).  It is a commitment to stand outside waiting for the bus, while the wind gusts are so hard you lose your cap and your scarf threatens to strangle you. 

Life without a car makes you more paranoid about the time as well.  Let’s say you wake up 5 minutes late.  It sets your whole morning routine off by 5 minutes.  Five measly minutes.  If you had a car, no prob, you are just five minutes late to work (or you speed – which I, of course, would never do – haha!)  But, if you ride the bus, and your whole morning routine is off by 5 measly minutes, it means, you guessed it, you miss your bus.  And the next one doesn’t come around for another 15 minutes.  Making you now 20 minutes late to work. 

Most days, I love the life of a non-car owner.  I love being environmentally responsible and doing my small part.  I love not having to pay for or worry about the maintenance of a car.  I really enjoy the interesting people you meet at bus stops.  Most days, I really like public transportation.

Today, was not one of those days.


4 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Most of the time I wished I lived in a mass transit friendly area. I think I could survive well in a mostly vehicle free environment. The 5 minutes thing would probably be the death of me though as I am nuts about punctuality.

  2. I feel like Lane could have written this exact same post (primarily because his commute involves a bus, mine only involves the train). I almost never miss having a car. The only time I wish we had one was when we want to travel but I would never drive a car in town here even if we had one. BUT… Lane would, especially on those days where it is snowing and he woke up 5 minutes late 🙂

  3. It would drive me crazy not to have a car but I think it’s mainly because like Nick said we don’t really live in a mass transit friendly place. When we visited New York and London we walked and took subways everywhere and LOVED it!

  4. I totally agree! Today was cold (45 degrees, for those who think it doesn’t get cold in TX) and rainy and I was SO thankful that several people offered me a ride home 🙂 And it totally does make you paranoid about time especially if you are a nut about punctuality, like me.

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