And in Seattle News…

Here’s what has been in the local news lately, along with a few thoughts of my own:

-The Bachelor.  Yes, I’ll admit that even I was a little taken in by this season.   It has been years since I’ve watched the sappy reality show, but my mom managed to get me hooked once again.  And Jason is from Seattle after all – so really I’m just supporting my new city, right?  Each Monday night Bachelor updates have been on the 11 o’clock news, as the city has been anticipating who Jason would bring back to Seattle with him.  So that the welcome banners would have the right name, and all that jazz.  Well, let’s hope that there is plenty of white-out to cover up Melissa’s name on those pre-made banners.  For anyone who didn’t watch the show, let me sum it up.  Bachelor Jason gets his pick of 25 women over the course of 3 months, in which he narrows them down each week until there are two remaining.  This season, Molly and Melissa were the final contenders.  In the MOST. DRAMATIC. FINALE. EVER.  (as the announcer has said at the end of every single season for the last 7 years), Jason chose Melissa.  Not only did he choose Melissa, he proposed to Melissa.  As is now the norm on this show.  Molly left shocked, saying that he’d “regret that decision.”  Well, turns out, Jason did.  Because 6 weeks later, on NATIONAL TV, Jason dumps Melissa, gets the ring back, and then tells Molly he’s like to see if they still have a chance.  To which she responds to by playing the stupid girl and actually taking him back!  Okay, here are my issues with this show (that I shamelessly got sucked into, I will admit) 

One: I’m all for quick romances (says the girl who will be celebrating 3 years with my boyfriend next month).  The whole notion of, “When you know, you know.”  I know of many courtships that have withstood the test of time after a short courtship.  But a televised courtship, with camera crews following your every move and kiss?!  Living in an mansion with other women who are all vying for the same man’s love?  That is not one of those situations.  Not to say you can’t find love that way, but just to say that you can’t know anything.  It is not real life, no matter how much Jason kept saying, “This is real.”  After the show is over, and the cameras stop rolling, you can make it real life.  But proposing to someone after only a few weeks of TV DRAMA DATING is beyond ridiculous. 

Two: Don’t try to portray yourself as all humble and good hearted when you are going to break off your engagement to then go and make out with another woman within the same hour!  On the same couch, no less.  SO not classy!  They are obviously grown adults free to make whatever choices they please, but there is no need to throw that kind of white-trash on TV.  But then again, it is a love reality show – so maybe it is what they needed for the ratings?

Okay, now on to more serious news.

-Initiative 1000: The Death with Dignity Act.  A very controversial act that passed in Washington this past November that allows individuals suffering from a terminal illness to end their own life through legalized, lethal medications, will take effect tomorrow.   Patients who have been diagnoised with a terminal illness that will kill them in 6 months can get a prescription from their doctor, which they must administer by themselves, to end their own life.  While our neighbor Oregon has a very similar act already in place, and the Northwest seems to be in favor of other states adopting this plan, there are some states voicing their moral objections.   And understandably so.  It is a deeply personal issue that is hard enough for a family to have to decide on, much less a state government. 

Like I said, I cannot ever imagine being faced with this decision. (And one should note that in this act, it is my understanding that family members cannot make this decision for the terminally ill patient, nor can they administer the drugs, as that would be considered murder.)  I have seen two of my own beloved grandparents waste away to the wretched disease that is Alzheimer’s.  The only peace I gained from their last days of suffering is that they were/are so far gone mentally, they didn’t/don’t have any idea how much they are suffering.  Were the person to be aware and in pain, I don’t know that I could handle the situation.  This is a country full of so many protected personal rights, but the right to choose when and how we die is being debated in local governments every day.  I’m not saying that I’m for the act, and I’m not saying that I’m against it.  I guess what I am saying is that, faced with the situation, I can’t begin to fathom how I would respond, so I have to respect those who have made the decision to order the prescription.  What are your thoughts?

I have one more piece of local news that I’d really like to comment on, but this post is already so heavy, I think I’ll leave Ron Sims  for another day.

One thought on “And in Seattle News…

  1. (1) The Bachelor – LIIIIIIZZZZZZ. This is MY SHOW that I love. I will not make excuses. I forgot about the whole Seattle connection or I would’ve bugged you about it earlier! I have seen every season and I think this ending was ridiculous. Mainly because if I was Molly I would have kicked him to the curb so fast his head would spin. I’m shocked. The only season that anyone ever picked who I WANTED them to pick was Trista & Ryan – currently the only married Bachelor couple – one toddler and a baby on the way. Jason was my pick for Deanna and she chose Jesse (BOO) and Melissa was my pick for Jason and he is acting like the biggest a-hole in bachelor history and I have to say that is really saying something. I don’t mind what he did so much as that he did it on NATIONAL television. That is SO WRONG. I mean EVERY bachelor couple breaks up… every single one. They just do it later and off camera.

    Check out the morning after correspondence here:

    (2) Initiative 1000. I am definitely for this option being available. I have spent the last year researching rights for terminally ill patients for a big paper for my journal (The Journal of Law & Medicine) and it is just heartbreaking. I’ve been studying their access to investigational drugs that have had success with human testing but haven’t been through the entire FDA approval process. I think they should have a fundamental right to access those drugs. I mean we have a fundamental right to access CONDOMS but the terminally ill do not have that same right to promising investigational drugs. I also think they should be able to decide when enough is enough. Clearly there have to be safeguards for abuse as with anything, but I think this initiative is probably a step in the right direction.

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