Here is a funny fact about my brother.  He is 18 years old and he has never seen snow.  I know, right?  Only, don’t tease him too much, because he is really sensitive about it.  It pains him to no end that practically everyone in the whole world has seen snow, except him.  (okay, that may be a bit dramactic, but well, he can be that way sometimes)  The last time it snowed in Panama City was 1989, the year before Mike was born.  He sees this, of course, as a great injustice.  

Every time I am somewhere and it snows, I call him or send him a text.  Just to make him jealous.  Because that is the kind of sweet sister I am. The first year I lived in Kentucky, after the first major snow, I went out on my deck and wrote with a stick in huge letters in the snow, “Hi Michael!”  I took a picture with my pre-digital camera and sent it to him through the mail.  When it snowed here on Tuesday, I sent pictures through my phone, because we are now beyond the days of print film, and rubbing it in over the phone gives it that nice, instant touch. 

Yes, he counts it as one of his life goals to see snow.  And I’m sure that one day, he will.  But today was obviously not that day.   While it snowed over most of the Southeast, Panama City seemed to have missed the white bliss, and it looks as though my brother will have to keep searching and waiting. 

Everyone keep your fingers crossed that one day, poor Mike will have his winter dream come true!

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