As requested

A few of you have requested photos from Seattle.  To be honest, I haven’t taken that many pictures since being here.  (A shock, I know!)  I promise to try and get better at that.  Till then, here are a few to hopefully tide you over. 🙂


Here is my sweet momma, freezing in downtown.  While she was here, we spent a day exploring the famous Pike Place Market.  Yes, that is where they throw the fish.  No, we didn’t see any fish being thrown that day.  We did however have a nice lunch with a great view of the harbor, and enjoyed some tasty coffee and hot cocoa! Yum!


This is the bridge that goes over the Fremont district, also known as the Center of the Universe! ha!  Its a fun little area, and their harbor is home to many house boats as seen here.  This is also supposedly one of the areas that Sleepless in Seattle was filmed in.  I need to watch that movie again….


This was taken at Gasworks Park.  An old gas refinery that was later turned into a public park with a great view of downtown!


This was taken in my neighborhood, a couple of blocks from where I live, on the east side of the ridge.  You are looking down at Greenlake.  On a clear day, you can see mountains all along the horizon!


And this is Greenlake.  It is a little over 2 miles all the way around, and every day there are just slews of people jogging and walking their dogs.  You wouldn’t believe the number of people I saw on roller skates (not rollerblades, actual old school roller skates!!)  And when it is warmer, I’m told a lot of people use the lake for canoeing and kyaking.


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