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The lag in posting has been for a couple of reasons.  Aside from the traveling and busy schedule from the debriefing session I’m currently attending, I have to admit that its not fun to write when it seems like no one is reading.  In truth, I know that I’m listed in several Google Readers, and that I haven’t even written much of substance lately, but still, the fewer the comments, the less motivation it seems I have to write.  Isn’t that sad?  (No, this isn’t a ploy for comments, its just sad that I base my blogging on what others may or may not be reading.)   I’ve also been avoiding blogging because I just have too many thoughts to get out on screen.  Its hard to organize them all to where they make sense, so I’ve just been avoiding it all together.  Which doesn’t help.  So, here goes an update of sorts. 

~The thing that I missed most while living in Asia, aside from the people and the Mexican food (of course), was driving.  There is a freedom to being on the open road that cannot be obtained in any other way.  I missed that freedom.  The chance to just go.  To be in control, at least to a degree. 

~That being said, what I did not misswere other drivers.  I got so ticked off one day in Lexington traffic at the horribly bright blue SUV in front of me who obviously could not see the large while “turn only” arrow in our lane, as he sat idly at the light while I fumed.  Nothing bothers me more than people who just flat out don’t pay attention to traffic and signs.  Okay, there is a lot more that bothers me, but not in that moment.

~My father, wonderful man that he is, was kind enough to lend me his truck to take on this 3 week traveling stint, so that I could finish moving out of Kentucky.  He did so, out of the kindness of his heart, because I sold my car before I left for Hong Kong and renting just gets so stinkin’ expensive.  One of my favorite features in his truck is the XM radio.  I have fallen in love with the Coffeehouse Station.  I heard Patty Griffin’s rendition of Crazy and it was awesome.

~One of the most common questions people ask me, now that I’m back from Hong Kong, other than, “Are you glad to be back?” and “Was it hard to be away from Kris?” (both seem like too obvious questions to even warrant an answer, but the answer is Yes to both), is, “Are you experiencing any kind of reverse culture shock?”  Reverse culture shock is an odd syndrome that occurs when people become immersed in another culture for any period of time, and then return home to find that they miss the foreign culture and have a hard time adjusting to being home.  I have many thoughts on this subject, and if the mood and time suits me later, I’ll write another post.  But for now, I’m just going to leave it at a No, I haven’t.  At first, that really worried me.  What was wrong with me for not experiencing reverse culture shock?  For now though, I’ve just accepted it with gratitude. 

~That being said, one of the hardest parts of being back in the States is remembering that I don’t have to calculate time change all the time.  I’m so used to quickly figuring out in my head what time it is back home before I call.  I nearly almost didn’t call Kris the other day because it was 6pm, and in my head I was still calculating it as 6am.  Note to self: We’re in the same time zone now.

~It is wonderful to be back around my fellow MIs.  Even though we had only previously spent three weeks together over a year and a half ago, we have spent so much time connecting through blogs, emails, skype calls and Facebook messages that they are like family.  They are easily trusted, and this time with them, though short, is a beautiful time for which I am much appreciative.

~And finally, I had a bit of a scare this week, that I won’t go into detail here.  It was something that I had personally never had to deal with before, and it was overwhelming.  Things turned out to be fine, thankfully.  But it just makes me so thankful for the opportunities and services we have readily available here. 

That’s all for now.  More coherent thoughts possibly to follow.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts and such

  1. I think you and I have the same kind of blog – a lot of people read it but don’t comment. But after a while it isn’t fun to feel like you’re talking to yourself all the time. =) Glad you’re doing well.

  2. We all experience comment lag. I have been trying to make a concentrated effort lately to leave something at each blog I read but then sometimes I think “they don’t care if I write “hey great post” because then it seems like I am just trying to leave something (anything)’. We are weird with our commenting I guess.

    Also XM Radio is amazing. I no longer have it, but I did for the majority of the time that I had the black Jetta and I miss it a lot.

  3. Lane and I had a conversation about “reverse culture shock” recently when I was visiting home… obviously not on the international scale (a very very small scale) but I did find myself doing 30 minutes of dishes by hand at my mom’s before it occurred to me that there was such a thing as a dishwashing machine. Also, I would go looking for a recycling bin before I would realize everyone in Prattville just throws everything in one place. Anyway, I don’t think things like that probably even qualify as reverse culture shock but I’d be interested to know your thoughts. I guess its probably just that we are creatures of habit.

    Either way, glad you are adjusting well to being back!

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