I am currently blogging live from Hot-lanta where I’ve met up with my fellow Mission Interns for our Midterms (also known as debriefing).  It is wonderful to reunite, to share stories, laugh and cry together.  It is great to have a space that we all know is respected and safe to share.  I know that it will be a draining and exhausting 10 days, but it will be worth it in the end I’m sure.

In other thoughts, I had to say goodbye to Kris yesterday.  It was horrible.  After spending two weeks together traveling, and then another week together over New Year’s, we had fallen back into our comfort level of being together.  And the thought of being seperated again is agonizing.  I know we will make it, and that it is so much easier to see (and talk to) one another more often, and that helps, but it just hurts to be doing what I want to do (moving, traveling, working), but apart for someone I love so much.  I think goodbye is my least favorite word ever.


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