The Change

For all Google Reader users, you may or may not have noticed there has been a format change on my blog.   My last background picture was taken from one of my favorite hikes in Hong Kong.  After leaving Hong Kong, I felt that the blog needed a bit of a change to represent my next move.  But considering that this is the most drawn out move in the history of mankind (seriously!!), I don’t have any pictures from Seattle yet to post as my background.  So I am using a picture that more accurately describes my life for December and January.  On the road.   Now, if you know me at all, you know that I LOVE to travel.  I even love driving.  But these 6 weeks are a bit much, even for me.  All worth it, of course, but just a bit much.  Here’s my run down of Hong Kong to Seattle:

Left Hong Kong, flew to Osaka, Japan.  Took a train from Osaka to Kyoto and then back again.  Flew from Osaka to Beijing (insert 5 hour layover), then Beijing to LA.  We drove from LA to Los Osos.  Flew from San Luis Obispo to Phoenix to Chicago to Louisville, then drove to Lexington.  From Lexington I drove down to Panama City.  Christmas Eve the family drove to and from Marianna.  The day after Christmas the family drove to Montgomery (where I also go to meet up with the HC group, more about that in another post).  The next day we drove back to PC, then the next morning I left for another drive up to Lexington.  On Sunday I’ll drive down to Atlanta for the Mission Intern midterms (a debriefing).  From Atlanta back to Panama City, then FINALLY on to Seattle.  Want that in numbers?

Number of planes flown so far: 6

Number of miles on planes so far: 9,886

Number of trains taken so far: 2

Number of miles on trains so far: 54

Number of car trips so far: 7

Number of miles driven so far: 1,940

Total Miles: 11,880

All that to say, a lot of traveling going on these days.  When I get to Seattle there will be a new background, until then, enjoy the new photo.  New posts about traveling to come soon!!


6 thoughts on “The Change

  1. Wow, that is a whole lot of traveling. We really enjoyed seeing everyone the other day and you definitely traveled the farthest to be there!!

    I can’t wait to hear all about your Seattle adventures.

  2. Holy Crap. Good luck! Wish I had had the time to visit my parents for New Years – might have been able to catch you too!

    Sometime when your life settles down we should chat on the phone. But no rush – I know everyone is clamoring for attention =)

  3. Are you driving to Seattle? That’s going to be way awesome if you are. It was good to see you the other day. I also feel it fair (in full disclosure) to say that I laughed out loud at Val’s menopause comment.

  4. I figured if anyone, Valerie would relate my post to menopause. And I didnt forget Nashville, its included in the “from Atlanta to PC” part. Sorry for the confusion! 🙂 Nick, it was great to see you (and your ladies) too! And no, sadly, I’m not driving to Seattle this time. Maybe this summer I’ll make the trek. And Katie, yes, please, let’s talk. I need your number though!

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