Last day

Today is my last day in Hong Kong.  Kris and I fly out eaaaaarly tomorrow morning.  (we are leaving so early, we have to take the NIGHT bus to get to the airport on time!  gross)   I am mostly packed (stop laughing), all of my stuff is shipped off, and now its just a matter of saying those last goodbyes and moving on.

Kris has been here since Friday, and I’ve been trying to cram 15 months of Hong Kong into 4 days.  Quite a feat.  We’ve been running all over the city, I’ve been introducing him to pretty much every person I’ve ever talked to, and we have made it a goal to eat a different ethnicity of food for each meal.  It is great having Kris here, showing him bits and pieces of my life in Hong Kong.   I think he may be a little overwhelmed, but at least he is managing his jetlag well. 🙂

Last night was my going away party at the shelter.  It was sad to say goodbye to all the girls there.  They have really made my time here worth it all.  We had a great time eating (Kris tried my favorite Filipino dish – Donagoan – a pork dish made with….well, you probably don’t want me to tell you what is in it!), they all sang karaoke (notice the they, as I did not), and I even danced!  (yeah, it was ridiculous)  There were probably thousands of pictures taken (mostly on cell phones) and everyone loved Kris.  It is just a little hard to believe that my time here is done.  The 15 month stretch is over, and in just over a week I’ll be home.

We fly out tomorrow for Japan for 4 days, then on to California for a few days to see Kris’ brother.  Then its home for Christmas!!  Hope to see most of you Stateside soon!


5 thoughts on “Last day

  1. Emily, I’ll be in LA for about 14 hours, then up to Los Osos for a few days. Wish I were going to be there longer though! Michael – thanks!

  2. I hope you listen to “Japan” by Vertical Horizon while you are in Japan!

    Can’t wait until you make the “Baby Tour” through the Gumptown. Be sure to come see us too!

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