I need my mom

When I was preparing to move to Hong Kong, there was a ridiculous amount of packing to be done.  I had to pack up my house in Kentucky, but I only moved it out to the garage, as my roommate and my boyfriend were staying in the house.  Then I had to figure out what I thought I’d be taking to Hong Kong, and throw it in my car to take to Florida, where I was staying with my family the month before I left.  The week before, my mother, bless her heart, packed me up.   This amazing woman packed 15 months into two suitcases.

Now, it is time to come home.  It is 15 month and 6 countries later.  And I seriously need my mom.  My flat is a WRECK right now.  I can’t decide what to take, I have an unhealthy addiction to books and I have not figured out yet what is a reasonable amount to spend on shipping.  I will be doing a lot of traveling in order to get back home, so I’d like to try to manage with only one suitcase and just ship the rest home.  But man, packing is a bore.  And I am no good at this game.

2 thoughts on “I need my mom

  1. I agree, I brought over a thousand books with me to Hong Kong, and when (or if) I leave I’ll be taking many, many, many more with me!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, by the way – I hope everything goes well with the move. I’m sure the Mission will miss you very much.

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