A guessing game

I have a little game I’d like you all to play.  Its a guessing game.  A guessing game about….where I will be moving back in the States!! 🙂  I officially accepted my new position as of yesterday, and I have to say, I am VERY excited!  The more I learn about this place, the more there is to love, and I cannot wait to begin.  As sad as I will be to leave here (and I will be sad), it helps to have something to be excited about.

So here is how the game will work.  Each day, I’ll give a few clues about the state/city that I am moving to, and accept all educated guesses via the comments section.  Try to do this without cheating (meaning, looking up the clues on google!).  As the days progress, I’ll post more and more obvious clues, until someone correctly guesses.  If you already know where I am going, don’t say anything!  Once someone has guessed correctly, I’ll post more about the actual placement site.

Oh!  And the winner will win a free week’s stay on my couch, redeemable anytime! 🙂

Clue #1: This city was the first to have a soft-serve ice cream machine.

Clue #2: This state produces 70% of the nation’s hops, which are used to brew beer.

Clue #3: This city sells more sunglasses per capita than any other major U.S. city.

Clue #4: The major inventions to come out of this state include water skis, the Slinky, Pictionary, Elmer’s glue and the electric guitar.

Good luck!  And remember….no cheating!!!!!


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