A new day….

Today was an experience that I would never wish on anyone.  Ever.  Unfortunately, I know that is a wish that just simply cannot come true.  Today was a day spent in the coroner’s court.

This past April, domestic helper, Philippine migrant, beloved daughter, sister and friend, Vicky Flores was found dead in Tung Chung Bay.  The circumstances surrounding her death were very suspicious, and had it not been for the diligent action of the migrant community and Discovery Bay community, her case would have been shelved in “Miscellaneous Inquiries.”  Her death, an unfortunate drowning, was a case that should not have had the easy ruling and closing the police first gave it.  The friends, families and supporters of Vicky Flores rallied together, calling for a “thorough, impartial and transparent investigation.”  Through many setbacks and disappointments at the hands of the government, police station and Philippine Consulate, the Inquest into the death of Vicky Flores is finally underway.  I was unable to attend yesterday’s hearing, as I was at the Labour Tribunal, but I was able to make it today.  Eight witnesses were called to speak to the case.  The police officer who declared Vicky dead on the scene was efficient, monotone.  The coroner affirmed that the cause of death could conclusively be deemed a drowning, adding that no internal or external injuries that could be classified as occuring pre-mortum were found.  A handful of Vicky’s friends and family members gave testimony to the strong, loving and “talkative” person Vicky was.  Friends talked about her past boyfriends and Vicky’s complaints regarding her employment.  Her aunt and cousin recalled having to identify her body.  The details of day were overwhelming, depressing, heartbreaking, but necessary.  The hearing will continue on this week.  Today ended with only half of the statement from witness 19, with 6 more witnesses to go.

We continue to ask and pray for transparency, answers and justice for Vicky.

For more information and further updates, please go here.


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