In which I rant and rave

Today was just one of those days.  One of those, “Don’t cross me” days.  You know the kind.  I’m not really sure what spurred it.  Maybe because it is (was) Monday.  Maybe because my irritations are stemming from the fact that my life is about to be uprooted again, and I’m nervous.  Or maybe it is just because it was one of those days.

Regardless.  It is.  Was.  And everything was set to rub me the wrong way.  Which is a bum deal when you work in the business of social justice.  Sitting in court today I had the very strong urge to thump the interpreter in the head.  Violent, I know.  But trust me, she deserved it.  And don’t even get me started on the the judge.  A menacing little man with an evil grin and even more evil disposition.  How a man who hates people as much as he does got into the business of court conciliation is beyond me.  He is beyond prejudice.  He is equally hateful to all people.  I don’t know if that consistency is supposed to be comforting or not?  Every time I end up in his court, I groan.  I really despise this man and his beady little eyes and condescending attitude.  He is the one judge that I refused to follow the Chinese tradition of bowing for.  He just flat out doesn’t deserve that kind of respect.

And then, during the court break, I went back to the Bethune House to grab a quick lunch and a few minutes of quiet.  Of course, being one of those days, that wasn’t going to happen.  While eating, one of the clients wanted me to edit her statement.  And normally, I have no problem at all to work while I’m eating (or vise versa), because my days are typically so relaxed.  But for some reason, today, that really set me the wrong way.  It took a lot of restraint not to snap at her.  After I finished lunch, as I was editing her statement and claims sheet, I realized that not only had the courts decided to use new formulas for calculations (formulations that end up equaling less than before), but they had also made a mistake in her claims.  A $200 mistake.  Oh, then I just went off.  Poor girl, I think I caught her a little of guard.  But I wasn’t yelling at her.  Mostly just ranting at the computer and the claims sheet.  I’m pretty sure I called the Labour Department a moron.  Yes, the whole department.  This obvious mistake, had it not been caught, would have denied this girl one of the fundamental contractual rights.  So I used her new claims sheet to set the record straight.  Let’s just say there were italics used.  I think they’ll get my point.

Then, I rush back to court.  Only for the judge to be 40 minutes late.  Seriously?  I already don’t like you, and now you are going to be late?  In the end, my client settled her case.  And I was so glad.  Because I say that I don’t have any favorites at work (ha!), but if I did, I’m sorry to say, she wouldn’t be one of them.  I don’t know what it is, I guess our personalities just don’t match, but man she gets under my skin.  With all the clients I have helped over my time here, I don’t think I can say that about many of them at all.  But this one lady in particular just knew how to push my buttons. (Namely by not listening to the very advice she asked me for, thus making her case longer and more difficult.)  But it is finished.  And though I spent the entire day in court, it is over.

I’ll tell you what, having one of those days in a work environment like this is a bad combination.  Because every injustice, every mistake and every prejudice becomes a soap box for me to stand on.  I won’t here. Because I have in the past.  But just know that my restraint only means that I’m just tired and ready for bed, and ready to put this day behind me.

Oh!  Also!  Who in their right mind decides that 11:30pm is a good time to practice piano?  My upstairs neighbor.  That is who.  Either they need to start playing lullabies or they are likely to hear me pounding on their door real soon!


3 thoughts on “In which I rant and rave

  1. Well. Okay then.

    In other news, it’s weird to think that you’re Monday is all the way over with and its still morning here. You’d think after 17 months I would have gotten used to that.

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