Let the boycott begin

Being part-activist, as I have become since living and working in Hong Kong, I have grown to be quite fond of protesting.  Its a good break in the work day, makes for compelling photo shoots, and can even be quite effective.  It is a safe way for an organization to express their opinions towards or against, well, anything.  Government.  Policies.  Individuals.  Companies.  You name it – we can protest it. 

And so I bring to you, ladies and gentlemen of the blog world, my official Lane-boycott.  Now, I harbour no hard feelings against Lane.  God love him, he’s a swell guy.  But, I threatened a boycott, there was no follow-through to the promised remedy to the problem, and now I must live up to my word.  Its more about consistency really.  For those who are curious why I would be boycotting Mr. H, it should just be known its deserved.  I’ve been left out.  After all the comments I’ve left, and all the bloggers we have in common (come on!  we’re friends on facebook – doesn’t that count for something!?!) – he still has not added me to his blogroll.  Andfrom what I understand, he has also left up an out-dated link to a one Mr. Luke.  So Luke, if you read this, feel free to join the boycott.  Or not, its cool.  While I cannot, with a clear conscious, tell you that if you wanted to understand where this came from to read the candy corn comments, just know, that is what I would tell you to do if I weren’t boycotting. 

Truthfully, I’m not really sure what all a blog-boycott involves.  I’m assuming it means I can’t read any more posts by him – which is okay, cause right now it is just some post about some thing to do with football players having babies.  I guess maybe, in the boycott, I should technically remove Lane’s link from my page.  But I really do think this will be resolved soon, so I’ll just leave it and encourage everyone not to use it.  Anything else?

In other boycott/protest news.  Two stories for you. 

Yesterday I was informed of a rally/protest at the Philippine Consulate scheduled for this morning (Friday) for Bishop Alberto Ramento, a Bishop from the Philippines who was murdered extra-judicially.  Its been two years, and there has been no justice served.  I went to the Consulate this morning, to our normal meeting place, and yes, I was a few minutes late, but it was very odd that no one was there.  I figured they must already be up at the consulate, so I rode the elevator up, and when the doors opened, nothing.  The hall was roped off and pitch black.  The consulate was closed!  Last night, the organizers remembered that the consulate is closed on Fridays and canceled the protest.  Guess who didn’t get informed!

Also, by now, I am sure everyone has heard about the recent milk debacle in China.  It is terribly tragic for so many families, not to mention businesses who are having to recall so many of their products.  There are bakeries shutting down in Taiwan out of pubic fear.  The most recent recalls in Hong Kong have been on milk tea and Cadbury chocolate.  One of my co-workers today was talking about the chocolate recall: “I mean, we already boycott Nestle, because you know, they’re horrible and totally exploit their workers.  No problem.  But now Cadbury!  What am I supposed to eat!?”


One thought on “Let the boycott begin

  1. Hi there, first of all, your blog is really interesting and well written. I came across it through Mike Pool’s blog on domestic helpers in HK. I’m hoping to do a photo story on this subject, as well as something in the Phillipines. Would you happen to know of any NGO’s or organisations who operate over there please? I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Best Wishes,

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